By Dr. Evan Vieira
September 07, 2017
Category: Foot Tips
Tags: Foot Care   Tennis  
We are in the middle of the 137th US Open Tennis Tournament.  Tennis remains one of the most popular leisure sports in the United States.  Children and adults of all ages participate in school programs, leagues, take lessons and compete at high levels. 
Tennis is a great game, but can take a hefty toll on your feet.  The pounding and agility required can cause tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and many toe nail issues.  One of the most common and painful problems is called "subungual hematoma".  This is a fancy word for blood collecting under the nail.  The rubbing and pressure created in shoe gear can cause the nail bed to bleed and become loose.  This is both painful and unsightly.  
Subungual hematoma required immediate treatment and if left can become infected or cause other issues.  Prevention is always the best medicine and a good orthotic and properly fitted shoe gear can limit the forces that cause this.  
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