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By Dr. Pedram A. Hendizadeh
November 30, 2016
Category: Foot Tips
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With the holidays quickly approaching I often speak to my patients about giving themselves the gift of nail restoration. Immediate cosmetic freedom from nail fungus, psoriasis, trauma, bacterial infections and ingrown toenails. 

While in medical school I was trained in the Keryflex nail restoration system which is a unique resin based system applied to individual nails by certified Podiatrists.  Keryflex is a safe, non-systemic in office application that restores the appearance of your nails. 

This system does not irritate nails or skin and allows patients to have cosmetically pleasing nails while treating conditions topically or orally.  Not only does the Keryflex nail move and feel like a normal nail but it can be filed, buffed and painted. Keryflex has been named one of the Top Ten Innovations in podiatric care by Podiatry Today.

Keryflex nails last patients depending on nail conditions being treated, shoe gear and activity levels anywhere from three weeks to six months.  The Keryflex nail will grow out with your natural nail.  Most of my patients schedule an application before a wedding or winter vacation.  

The Keryflex nail is individually tailored to each patient and has no needed aftercare.  Patients walk out with an immediate improvement in appearance and self esteem.  There is no need to hide your feet in boots this winter or discontinue pedicures while waiting for your treated fungal nails to grow out (which can take up to a year). 

Please contact our Huntington or Manhasset offices for more information on a Keryflex consultation. 

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