Foot Injuries Treated at Advanced Podiatry

Injuries may occur in your feet because your body weight strains the muscles, joints, bones and ligaments in this region. Whether sitting, walking, running or partaking in strenuous activities, the feet can be injured if too much pressure is applied. The doctors of Advanced Podiatry provide advanced foot care for residents of Fairfield County, New Haven County and Nassau County. If you are feeling any kind of pain or discomfort in areas around your foot or would like to learn more about Advanced Podiatry, feel free to contact our practice more more information or to request an appointment.

Below is a list of common foot injuries that can provide additional information. Don't hesitate to inquire about a problem or educate yourself further by contacting our foot doctors in Long Island, NY at one of our podiatry offices in Huntington, NY, Manhasset, NY, or Rosyln, NY today!

Ankle Sprain

Broken Ankle



Osteochondritis (stiff ankle)

Shin Splints

Sports Injuries

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