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1. After a surgical procedure, a limited amount of pain and swelling may be expected. ln some cases, the skin may take on a bruised appearance. This is no cause for alarm.
2. Have your prescription filled immediately and take your medication(s) as directed. Tell your doctor ifyou take other medications or have any allergies. D0 NOT drink any alcoholic beverages or use tobacco.
3. Rest and elevation of your feet and legs are important. Lie down with the operated foot (or feet) elevated. Support the elevated foot and legs with pillows. Elevating above the level of your heart is most effective.
4. We recommend elevating your foot above the level of your heart. lt is very important to aggressively ice the area 30 minutes out ofevery hour you are awake. Continue icing and elevating until your first post-operative visit. Place the ice on top ofyour foot and also behind the knee ofthe operative foot.
5. Seepage ofblood is normal and often expected. Rest and elevation will reduce bleeding. If there is active, persistent bleeding through the bandage even while the foot is at rest, call the office immediately.
6. Bend your knee and rotate the operated foot and ankle for at least five minutes during each hour while awake to help prevent blood clots.
7. Keep the bandage dry and do not tamper with the dressing unless instructed by the doctor. You must use a shower cover to avoid getting the area wet. These are available for you at the office.
8. D0 NOT disrupt or peek under the bandage. Please notify our office if it becomes uncomfortable or falls off.
9. Stay offyour feet as much as possible and do not walk beyond your tolerance.
10. Make sure to always wear your surgical shoe or walking boot whenever you are walking or standing.
11. lfyou have any undue discomfort, swelling, bleeding or ANY questions at all, your doctor can be reached at any time, as we have a 24-hour answering service available.

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