Patient Success Stories

 Advanced Podiatry is an EXCELLENT facility comprised of professionals. The facility is clean with a sterile smell. The receptionist Ms Maria is warm and friendly, the X-ray tech Ms. Toya wears a welcoming smile and takes her time making sure the patient is comfortable. I had the pleasure of being seen by Dr. Lee. She's definitely a gem! Dr. Lee listened to what I had to say relative for my visit before going over my X-rays. She used a diagram and explained what needed to be done in a patient friendly manner. Regardless of how many questions I asked, Dr Lee answered them. I never felt as though she was pressed for time, she made my visit all about me. That level of respect is priceless.               ~ For Christine Perry                       ~May 9, 2018  via Google

 I am so pleased to have found Dr. Vieira. Having my bunions done was something I had considered for years. The doctor and the whole staff were wonderful. I didn't have any pain after the procedure and I was back into my sneaker in 6 weeks. It took me a long time to get the surgery, but it was worth it.    ~May 12, 2018  via         

There used to be an old saying: "You're in Good Hands with Allstate" I'm saying: "You're in Good Feet with Dr. Hendizadeh"
From my 1st appointment through post-surgery all procedures went according to plan and could not be happier with the results.
Thank you  Dr. Hendizadeh and his amazing Staff, Avery                                            ~May 10, 2018  via                           

I have had painful neuromas for many years. Dr. Hendizadeh is amazing he knows exactly where my pain is and has treated me using his ultrasound and has resolved my pain.                             ~April 28, 2018  via                           

 Dr. Hendizadeh took the time to really listen and find a solution to my pain. He came up with a plan and never made me feel rushed.                                                  ~April 10, 2018  via          

Dr. Vieira is amazing with both my kids under 6. They were recommended by our Pediatrician for flat feet. He was thorough and great with them.                               ~March 3, 2018  via                           

Me and my wife have been patients for two years. He corrected her bunions and got my heel pain better after I suffered for 6 months with useless treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Vieira and am thankful to feel good again.
~March 3, 2018  via                             ~ For Evan A Vieira                   

A patient, kind and caring physician. Great surgeon. Wonderful staff and very punctual.                                                                                                                   ~March 3, 2018   via                               ~ For Evan A Vieira 

I had a complicated nerve issue in my feet. I dealt with a bunch of other doctors before I ended up with Dr. Vieira . He performed a procedure to correct the issue and it had been wonderful since. I did not think I would Feel like myself ever again. He is smart , skilled and he Cares..                                                   ~February 28, 2018   via                           

Myself and my family have been seeing Dr. Vieira for 8 years. He has always been kind, caring and professional. Office is clean and tighty, the staff is wonderful and he is both skilled and compassionate. If you have a foot problem he is your doc.
~February 27, 2018   via                                   

I was referred by my orthopedist for my bunions. I read his reviews here and then met with Dr. Vieira and his staff are friendly accommodating and comforting. He was amazing throughout my experience. It was my first time having surgery and I’m in my 40s so I was scared. Amazing doctor great results. He is awesome!                                                                                                               ~February 27, 2018   via                                           

I had many surgical procedures done on my right foot to fix a previously botched job. If I would have found Vieira first I would have saved myself a lot of time and anguish. Still have to fix the left, but happy to finally have a surgeon I can trust. I would not let anyone else touch me. So grateful for all his help.                             ~February 27, 2018   via                            ~ For Evan A Vieira

This was the third doctor I saw before deciding to have my bunion surgery. Dr. Vieira and his whole team were nothing less than amazing. He delivered exactly what he explained and I am very very happy. I am so appreciative of the care and beautiful results. Grateful to have found Dr. Vieira.
~February 25, 2018   via                                   

This was my first experience with a Podiatrist after my orthopedist referred me for heel pain. After a year and half of suffering I am finally back to normal. Very pleasant doctor and great office. I wish I found him sooner. Highly recommended                                                                                                             ~February 12, 2018   via                            ~ For Evan A Vieira

Great office and doctor. I was apprehensive to being my elderly mother to Dr. Vieira because from the reviews it seemed like a young patient population. I was wrong. He was fantastic with her. She adores him and looks forward to her visits. The parking and stairs are the only issue.
~February 10, 2018   via           

Dr. Vieira is the best. The whole team is wonderful and I love my results. If you are going to have foot surgery definitely visit him for. They are accommodating and caring. Dr. Vieira is always took time to make me comfortable and answer questions . I was pain free the whole time and best part is my foot is pretty again!
~February 9, 2018   via                           

Awesome doctor and staff. Always helpful and easy to deal with. He is very sharp and pleasant. Definitely the most professional podiatrist I have visited with. I ended up choosing him for my surgery and it was perfect. I was super nervous but soooo glad I went ahead with him. I occasionally have to wait a bit when I go see him but he is worth it!!!                                                                                               ~February 9, 2018   via                            ~ For Evan A Vieira

Thank you to Dr. Vieira for guiding me through a revisions surgery experience. I had a bunion fixed years ago that never really felt better. Dr Vieira and his team fixed it for me and were amazing all the way through. His staff is polite and friendly, the offices are impeccable and he is lovely. Not your typical podiatrist. He is amazing.
~February 9, 2018   via                            

Wonderful experience. The doctor and staff were lovely Dr. Vieira took his time to answer all my questions and even called to check on me the day after my procedure. Could not be happier with Dr. Vieira and his staff. The best without question.
   ~February 8, 2018   via                          

Wonderful doctor. No nonsense. Clearly very intelligent. Very kind and caring. Could not recommend more highly.                                                                    ~February 8, 2018   via                            ~ For Evan A Vieira

Excellent experience compared to my past experience at another podiatrist in Long Island. The office was clean and I was seen right away upon arriving. The assistant was super friendly and made me feel less embarrassed about the reason for my visit. Dr. Vieira was able to answer all my questions and make me feel at ease about the whole thing. I did feel he was a little rushed and he didn't offer much guidance/ information unless specifically asked. However compared to my previous foot doctor experience at another office this one was top notch!    ~February 8, 2018   via                           

The Bunion surgery was Pain-free. I feel wonderful. The downtime was. minimal I’m just I’m so happy with it. I couldn’t be happier no pain. I can walk any place I can do anything I want to do. I don’t think about it anymore it’s is incredible. Less pain then getting a tooth pulled.
~February 13, 2018   via                           ~ For Dr. Hendizadeh

Very professional clean office. Dr. Hendizadeh was absolutely great. Staff is wonderful. My heel pain was better after one visit. Highly recommend This group.
~January 31, 2018   via                            

Excellent Doctor and Staff, very clean and comfortable office.
~January 25, 2018   via                            ~ For Dr. Hendizadeh

I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards Dr. Hendizadeh Going into this surgery I was very nervous. I had a bunionectomy performed on my other foot by a different doctor and the outcome was far less than desirable. Dr. Hendizadeh was patient and kind towards my fears. He assured me this time would be different and he was right!! He has mastered the art of being able to perform miracles as far as I am concerned. My foot is in great shape and I am SO happy I decided to go through with the surgery. I am an athlete by nature so my feet are very important. I should also mention his office is full of some great and supportive people as well... If you need to have work done, give Dr. h a call.       ~January 24, 2018   via                            

I have seen several of the doctors at Advanced Podiatry and I can say that they are some of the best I’ve seen. Dr DiStefano spent more time with me than any doctor I think I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend.
~Jan 02, 2018  JD via Google+

Dr. Hendizadeh  is an excellent doctor. Not only is he very professional but he's a great guy in general. And the best part is that he was able to cure my issues. I highly recommend him for all your podiatry needs.
~Jan 02, 2018  Michael G via Google+

Parking is agile, made sure my alarm was on. Receptionist was a tree trunk. Assistant was nice but had me walk around bare foot on floor. Which disturbed me as this is a foot doctor's office with foot disease. X-Ray tech was unconcerned and had me install protection vest. Dr. Vieira spent no more than 5 minutes with me. He did Not go over X-ray findings. I had to show him the large bump which was causing extreme pain. He was also "rushed" and dismissive. Did not remember my name. I shall not see him again.
~Jan 23, 2018   via

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Vieira. I had bunion and hammertoe surgery with him at the beginning of the year. He is professional, kind and gentle. Everything was explained clearly and he took the time to make sure I was comfortable. Highly recommend Dr. V to everyone. I will miss my regular visits!
~Oct 30, 2017   via

I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards Dr. Hendizadeh Going into this surgery I was very nervous. I had a bunionectomy performed on my other foot by a different doctor and the outcome was far less than desirable. Dr. Hendizadeh was patient and kind towards my fears. He assured me this time would be different and he was right!! He has mastered the art of being able to perform miracles as far as I am concerned. My foot is in great shape and I am SO happy I decided to go through with the surgery. I am an athlete by nature so my feet are very important. I should also mention his office is full of some great and supportive people as well... If you need to have work done, give Dr. Hendizadeh a call
~Jan 24, 2018   via

Dr. Hendizadeh is absolutely trrrific, helping me address some very difficult complications from foot surgery. He is highly professional and personable and keeps himself in the vanguard of podiatrist innovations.
~Nov 04, 2017   via

No pain from bunionectomy and hammer toe repair! I heard horror stories prior. Very nice and competent MD. Great office staff. Don't be afraid, close your ears to horror stories, and stop reading! You will be fine.
~Sep 29, 2017   via

Dr. Hendizadeh had insoles made for me that are the most wonderful, comfortable, helpful insoles that I have ever had! Not only relieving my forefoot and bunion pain, these insoles also stopped the persistent knee pain which even two series of hyaluronic acid shots and many types of patella supports failed to! I am totally amazed that these insoles have treated ALL the foot and knee pains that medications couldn't help! Thus, I have now. ordered a second pair of these marvelous insoles. It was a great stroke of good luck for me when I found Dr. Hendizadeh; actually, it was a life-changing event!
~Sep 02, 2017   via

I was dealing with severe pain on my feet for years. I went to many podiatrist, unfortunately they were no help! Even though Dr. Hendizadeh's practice didn't take my insurance, I decided to make an investment. I paid the office visit through UMA health which is a very helpful website for those who have no insurance or for those with high insurance deductibles because they offer discounted prices. The office visit was only $60!! Of course if you'd want to get any procedures such as X-rays, it would be an additional cost. I am so glad I made this investment and very thankful for Dr. Hendizadeh knowledge!! I got northwest orthotics and I kid you not, they've changed my life!! I am going to need surgery because I have tailors bunions on my feet and on my right foot my second toes is longer than my big toe. I don't trust any doctor other than dr Hendizadeh to do surgery on my feet! Their staff is truly amazing and the office is very modern and clean. I am very content that I came across because without that website I would have never found the solution to my painful feet. Thank you.
~Sep 02, 2017   via

Our family had a positive experience at Advanced Podiatry. Dr. Hendizadeh is to be commended for his expertise in his field. He treated us with sensitivity and patiently answered all our concerns & questions. His staff was most courteous and the facility is exceptionally clean and efficient. We would not hesitate to recommend this facility to anyone seeking excellent foot care.
~Sep 01 2017 Fagy T.  via

"Awesome doc. Very thorough and personable."
~Aug 19 2017 Joseph D.   via

Great experience! I got both bunions removed, I can't ask for a better experience. Staff was courteous and, professional. The surgical center and doctors were amazing! So happy I went for it and found such an excellent team.
~Aug 03 2017 Monica P.   via

Dr. Hendizadeh and Dr. Vieira are kind courteous and excellent surgeons
~June 14, 2017   via

Dr. Hendizadeh is amazing. He was able to help me with my painful foot condition in just a few visits. He is very caring and compassionate and spends time with you.
~June 12, 2017   via

I had a great experience with Dr. Vieira and his staff. I saw Dr. Vieira in Manhattan and followed up after my surgery in Huntington. He was excellent! I can't wait to do my other foot. I have suffered with bunions for years. No more!
~July 31, 2017   via

Wonderful excellent kind best doctor Dr. Vieira and practice..
~June 14, 2017   via

Dr. Vieira is absolutely amazing! He was able to treat all of the issues I had with my feet and now I feel like a brand new person. I've been to plenty of other Podiatrists and no one compares to Dr. Vieira. I would highly recommend!!
~May 08, 2017   via

Dr. Vieira- absolutely best podiatrist!! Only one who could diagnose and treat my problem. Very comforting, knowledgeable, and down to earth! Very highly recommend!!
~May 08, 2017   via

Dr. Lee is my all time favorite foot doctor!! She is incredibly sweet and there to solve all of my toe problems. I wear nail polish a lot and I get a bit of fungus on my toes. The office staff is great and always take me in last minute to get a script. Gotta look pretty! I recommend Dr. Lee to everyone :-)
~Mar 15, 2017   via

Alison is a wonderful doctor! She is always happy and upbeat and there to solve all of my foot problems. The staff are wonderful as well, they always work in my appointment times. I work on my feet, so I suffer from really bad foot pain, fungus, etc. I get all of the right treatment with Dr. Croughan!!
~Mar 15, 2017   via

Awesome Doctor! Very pleased with my results. Highly recommend Dr. Vieira for surgery.
~Mar 16, 2017   via

I'm a city girl and I always wear heels (which I know isn't the best) for walking around Manhattan. My feet have took a real beating over the last several years... pain.. swelling. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hendizadeh and with a sigh of relief... laser therapy was the solution! It provided just enough pain relief and the swelling is now diminishing with every treatment. Dr. Hendizadeh did the treatment gently so I felt nothing at all! Finally - a solution to all of my high heel problems! I recommend this doctor to anyone. They also have really cute nail polish as well, all natural!
~Mar 15, 2017   via

I have been a patient for a long time. The new office is fabulous. Everyone is very helpful. Doctors are great. Recommend it it highly.
~Mar 11, 2017  via FB

I have been dealing with arch pain for several years. Dr. Hendizadeh recommended an arch support for my foot. Within four weeks I am 50% better. I'm walking faster and can't thank him enough. Advanced podiatry is a great place for anyone with foot problems. I highly recommend him and his office.
~Mar 11, 2017  via FB

Just wonderful. Easy appointment and very professional. Dr. Hendizadeh finally set me free of foot pain when no other doctor could. Thank you.
~Feb 20, 2017  via FB

Very accommodating to help get us in quickly . Dr. DiStefano and staff were very friendly . He was wonderful dealing with my 12 yr old daughter who had to get 4 shots in her toe . She left smiling . Thank you !
~Feb 06, 2017  via FB

Dr. DiStefano is an amazing physician. His care of patients is top notch, not to mention his ability to analyze the foot with gentle accuracy. He took the time to get to know me as a patient, then spent the time needed to care for my podiatry issue. I would highly recommend Dr. DiStefano to anyone in need of a fantastic podiatrist.
~Feb 13, 2017  via FB

Dr. Lee is a really great doctor. I felt so comfortable coming into the office and being evaluated by her. Her office is spotless and The staff really cares about your wellbeing.
~Jan 12, 2017  via

Best office ever !! I live in Huntington and refer her patients all day long ! Dr. Croughan is a great doctor and friend !
~Jan 12, 2017  via

I go to the Huntington office and I'm more then happy with Dr. Vieira. His office is clean and the workers are very sweet. I bought orthotics because my insurance didn't cover this procedure. They were worth every penny.
~Jan 12, 2017  via

This doctor Dr. Vieira provided excellent care. His staff was very accomodating and I was seen very quickly.
~Jan 05, 2017  via

A couple of months before planning to run the TCS NYC Marathon, I began to have intense heel pain, which turned out to be plantar fasciitis. I began to panic, imagining that my lifelong dream would not be attainable. I found Advanced Podiatry, and they were able to give me an accurate diagnosis and multiple remedies to help me continue in my training. Thanks to Dr. Hendizadeh and his staff, I was able to complete the Marathon and continue to run pain free! I highly recommend Advanced Podiatry to anyone with foot pain or problems, who enjoys a knowledgeable, helpful, and kind staff.
~Jan 10, 2017  via

I saw Dr. Hendizadeh for a broken toe and wart on the bottom of my foot. He was painless and very professional. He removed the wart right in the office. Very happy with my experience with him.
~Jan 06, 2017  via

Great staff, even greater doctor! Really clean office with state of the art technology!
~Jan 03, 2017  via

My feet thank him Dr. Hendizadeh! I was in so much pain until i came to see him and he made me custom orthotics. My insurance didn't pay for them, but they are worth every penny. My feet feel like they did when I was in my 20s!
~Dec 30, 2016  via

This was the best experience I've ever had at a doctors office! The wait was over before I had even gotten comfortable! Dr. Hendizadeh was recommended to me by my sister in law and I cannot stop praising him. The best care I've ever received.
~Dec 30, 2016  via

No wonder he's rated top doctor in the world! He knows what he's doing. I've had chronic pain for years and finally bit the bullet and went to see a doctor. Dr. Hendizadeh was very thorough and went through all my options, including none surgical procedures. Definitely recommending everyone I know!
~Dec 30, 2016  via

I had surgery for my bunion with Dr. Hendizadeh and Dr. Vieira this last fall. I spent months researching who to have surgery with. I saw orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists. They were both always available, kind friendly and so knowledgeable. 10s all around! Staff and offices wonderful. You can't go wrong with them. Thank you Dr. Hendizadeh and Dr. Vieira!!
~Dec 15, 2016  via

Wonderful doctor(Dr. Hendizadeh). Great staff and beautiful clean office. If you live in the Huntington area I recommend this doctor highly. I love my orthotics and I love my feet !
~Dec 11, 2016  via

This is how I found Dr. Croughan was on the website. I had been given a refferal for another doctor office. They did not get good reviews. We love Dr. Croughan
Amy H ~Dec 18, 2016  via FaceBook

You guys are best with 2 sucessful surgeries!!! Thank you for everything!!!
Alison B ~Dec 18, 2016  via FaceBook

Dr. Croughan is very personable and thoroughly explains all issues. She answered all my questions and felt very relaxed. She treated my foot issue and was very happy with the results . The staff is extremely friendly and very professional . I highly recommend her and the practice .
~Nov 17, 2016  via

Dr. Vieira is very efficient and thorough. He is very personable and explains all in detail. The staff is very professional and makes the patient feel very relaxed . I highly recommend Dr. Vieira !
~Nov 17, 2016  via

Dr. Hendizadeh is an excellent podiatrist. I've been coming to see him as well as his other colleagues for years . He is very thorough and personable. He takes his time and always offers the best possible treatment . He has an excellent staff and is very professional. I highly recommend him!
~Nov 17, 2016  via

Amazing honest caring the best foot doctor ever! I experienced infections in the cold weather for years and no other foot doctor could help me until Dr. Hendizadeh... gave me special medication for my feet and diagnosed me correctly problem solved. It's a miracle because I work outdoors. With horses for a living and have to. E out in the cold on my feet all day he's another angel in my life !
~Nov 11, 2016  via

She(Dr. Croughan) took the time to explain things in a manner I could easily understand. I now feel like an active participant in my own health care. Will be returning and referring!!
~Nov 01, 2016  via

Dr. Croughan was very gentle and didnt make me feel nervous at all; which is my normal feeling in any doctors office. She was very comforting and displays true care for her paitents.
~Oct 14, 2016  By Rhenicia H.

This Doctor (Dr. Croughan) is dedicated to her craft. She excel to the heighest standards. Anyone in need of foot care can see her without reservation and except excellent results.
~Oct 14, 2016  By JPC

The office is extremely nice and the staff is great! Dr. Lee is very patient and helpful with my daughter's problem. Did not feel rushed at all.
~Sep 22, 2016 via

After years of heel and back pain I decided to see a doctor. I didn't realize how my flat feet was and were the cause of my issues until I saw Dr. Lee. She took her time to explain how my flat feet was causing all my pain. Usually in doctor visit, they rush you in and rush you out. But not with Dr. Lee, she took her time to make sure I understood my condition and treatment options. I decided to get fitting for a pair of orthotics and WOW! The orthotics that I got from her were worth it!! Literally it solved my heel and back pain. I would recommend Dr. Lee 100% to everyone!
~Sep 17, 2016 via

Dr. Vieira did bunion surgery on both of my feet this year. I am very happy with the results. He is lovely and very caring. His office is beautiful and the staff is excellent.
~Sep 16, 2016 via

Dr. Hendizadeh is absolutely amazing. He is so professional and knowledgeable. On top of that, his staff is EXTREMELY courteous and so pleasant to deal with. The office is state of the art and very clean. I couldn't be happier with my experience and I highly recommend Dr. Hendizadeh. He is one of my favorite doctors ever.
~Sep 20, 2016 via

Dr. Vieira operated on my hammtoes over the summer. Recovery was as he explained and my feet look beautiful. I am thrilled to be back into open to shoes. Stunning office and lovely staff.
~Sep 08, 2016 via

I have been putting off my feet problems for years so I was really hesitant to see Dr. Lee for my appointment. I have nothing but great things to say about her and the practice. First of all the staff was so friendly and made me feel welcome. Dr. Lee took the time to explain what my problems were and all of the treatment options. She really cared about getting me feeling like myself again! I will be bringing my whole family back!
~Aug 24, 2016 via

I saw Dr. Lee for a fracture 2 weeks ago and I could'nt be more happy with the way I was treated by her and her staff. She took x-rays and actually took the time to show me and explain to me where the fracture was on their computer. She gave me a walking boot and I feel fantastic. Im so happy to have found her and would highly reccomend her to anyone with a foot problem.
~Aug 05, 2016 via

Dr. Croughan is amazing doctor and could'nt be more happy to have found this practice. She is lovely in every sence of the word ! Completely cured my plantar fasciitis and I am now running again!
~Aug 05, 2016 via

Dr. Hendizadeh is a doctor's doctor! Truly professional, gave as much time as needed! Not a surprise he is considered one of the top doctors in the Tri-State area. Plus his staff is always friendly.
~Aug 24, 2016 via

Dr. Hendizadeh Makes you feel comfortable. A must see. Answers all your questions and concerns.
~Aug 24, 2016 via

I woke up with severe pain in my toe due to ingrown nail. I called Advanced Podiatry and was able to get an appointment with Dr. Alison D. Croughan that same hour. Dr. Croughan is an excellent doctor who explained the treatment options in detail step by step. She was able to eliminate my pain in just 1 visit. Thank you
~Aug 01, 2016 via Google Plus

Dr. Vieira corrected my bunions, both within 6 weeks and during the school year. I am a teacher, and he and his staff completely worked around my schedule. He is an incredible doctor. Straight forward, attentive and always kind.
~July 27, 2016 via

I have had bunions since I was 17 years old and now 41. On 4/26/16, I had my right bunion removed by Dr. Vieira. He did an exception job. There was no pain afterwards and you can not even tell I ever even had a bunion. My family, friends, and significant other are impressed with the the end results. I am beyond happy and all ready for my second surgery next month. Dr. Vieira staff is always professional and courteous. Everyone knows on a first name basis. thank you, Natalie S.
~July 27, 2016 via

I had been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for two years and had seen three other Podiatrist before going to Dr. Vieira. He hand made a device in his office and within 3 days I was feel 80% better. I would Highly Recommend him
~July 23, 2016 via

Absolutely love this doctor and staff. They treat you like family. I had bunion surgery and I could now be a foot model thanks to Dr. Hendizadeh !
~July 18, 2016 via

Dr. Hendizadeh is pleasant and professional. His examination was thorough and he was able to diagnose my issue and start a treatment plan right away. I'm starting to feel better and have confidence that I will get better under his care. I really like the way things have been going and I would highly recommend him!
~July 05, 2016 via

Dr. Hendizadeh is a wonderful doctor and very knowledgeable. He takes time to address all of your concerns and fully explains the procedure you are having. I was immediately comfortable with him and knew I was in good hands. He staff is also very friendly and warm. I highly recommend Dr. Handizadeh…you will not be disappointed.
~April 12, 2016 via

My 2 yo daughter recently had an ingrown toenail that went from bad to worse overnight. The next morning I made calls to 3 different podiatry offices to get an urgent appointment for her. Advanced Podiatry in Manhasset were the only ones who seemed to care how urgently my needs were to care for my 2 yo who was in pain. They squeezed me into their schedule and saw my daughter immediately. The office staff is so helpful and nice, definitely some of the best I've encountered in an office!  Dr. Hendizadeh is just as wonderful as his staff. He was so quick and painless, he was done before my daughter realized he had done anything. And by coincidence, when we returned for her recheck, my 1 yo son had a recent ingrown toenail, that he removed during the same appointment. I was so thankful I didn't have to come back. He has a great bedside manner, and is very calm and patient. He was really great with my kids! We had a wonderful experience and will be referring all my friends and family to him!                         ~April 11, 2016 via                                                                             

Love this Podiatrist (Pedram Hendizadeh, DPM, FACFAS) and his staff is warm and friendly. If you need a podiatrist in Huntington he is the one to see.
~January 24, 2016 via

To put it simply....Pedram Hendizadeh is a GOD! Whether he is in the office or in the operating room, his skills are unmatched. Surgery is like an art to him, the finished product is always AMAZING. He makes sure that his work is always perfect. As a patient of his for many years, I am forever grateful to have found someone who never stops growing. It is an honor to grow and heal with such an amazing doctor!
~Jan 06, 2016 Rose E. in Manhasset, NY

Dr. Vieira is a great doctor, so professional and knowledgeable. I had foot surgery years ago and the pain I was in was horrible. After the surgery he performed, I was in no pain. I have reccommended him to everyone I know. The staff is friendly and wonderful!!
~Jan 05, 2016 Emily T. in Roslyn, NY

As a doctor, a surgeon and more importantly a person....Dr. Hendizadeh is one of the greatest individuals that you will ever meet. Being his patient is like being his friend, you are never left in the dark and you can fully trust that you are in great hands. As a surgeon, his skills are absolutely impeccable, because he is a perfectionist. I honestly have never met a doctor that has shown such enthusiasm for medicine like Dr. Hendizadeh does. His passion for advanced techniques and tools in medicine definitely puts him at the top of his specialty because you can always trust that Dr. Hendizadeh always has the latest information! It is a blessing to have found such an amazing doctor and there is no other doctor I would recommend more highly than Dr. Hendizadeh!
~January 5, 2016 via

 Dr. Croughan is the best. I had a painful ingrown toenail that she took care of after explaining my options. Great office and friendly staff.
~December 19, 2015 via

I had heel pain for over a year. I had tried every treatment possible. Dr. Vieira did shockwave therapy and made me orthotics that I love, and I'm back to normal. I thought I would never be able to run like I used to, thank you Dr. V!!
~December 18, 2015 Teddy R.

Every time I see Dr. Hendizadeh I know I am in good hands. He is kind, knowledgeable, and takes his time with you. He addresses all my concerns. His staff is also warm and personable.
~December 17, 2015 via

The staff that works at Dr. Hendizadeh office is very friendly and comforting as well as Dr. Hendizadeh himself.
~November 13, 2015 via

What an amazing intelligent helpful podiatrist. I am so happy to have found this office. After having much pain in my left foot for 4 years somebody finally cared enough to find the problem and fix it. The office staff was more than helpful and i got a smile every time I checked in. The office itself is immaculate very well kept probably the nicest podiatrist office I have ever seen. You will not be disappointed, I will be recommending everybody to see a Doctor Croughan.
~October 22, 2015 via

Dr. Hendizadeh always impresses me with his knowledge, communication style, and attention to detail. To top it all off, he is amazingly caring and patient. Thanks to Dr. Hendizadeh for helping both me and my dad.
~November 10, 2015 via

Fantastic Dr.Vieira very knowledgeable, caring, professional and friendly. Also has a beautiful office and great staff. I would highly recommend.
~November 13, 2015 via

Dr. Hendizadeh is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner who provided with me exceptional care.
~November 9, 2010 via

A BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT TO DR. Alison D Croughan. She is an amazing and caring podiatrist. She took care of Michael and stitched his toe up and bandaged it and was awesome! The whole staff at Dr. Allison Alison Croughan office is amazing and helpful. Fractured toe and 6 stiches later Michael is a happy boy. Thankfully it didn't cut the tendon close but no cigar. If you are looking for a podiatrist she's the one. She has treated our whole family. I know it sounds like a commercial but I meant every word. She is that good.
~ Amy Heelis Cannon

Amazing doctor. I would highly recommend him (Pedram Hendizadeh). i had a very good experience all around.
~November 9, 2015 via

Great doctor Dr.Vieira, staff and beautiful office. I definitely reccomend this practice for any sort of foot pain !
~October 28, 2015 via

Dr. Vieira corrected hammertoes on both of my feet over the winter. He was professional, skilled and had a warm friendly demeanor. I was extremely pleased with my experience. He has privileges at all the major hospitals so I was able to pick what was most convenient for me each time. I have lived in Northport/Huntington area for years, the doctors have changed a lot recently in this practice, but Vieira has been around for 5 years and is definitely the best!                                                                                                                                
~October 31, 2015 via

I had an extremely painful ingrown toenail, but Dr. Hendizadeh helped me a lot and now I'm able to walk perfectly fine.
~October 23, 2015 via

Dr. Croughan is knowledgeable and did a great job of diagnosing my problem and providing options to solve the problem. She is friendly and professional and I def

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