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A total different experience!  Many years ago, I had a bunionectomy done by a different doctor, it was a very miserable experience.  I was in pain for months following the surgery.  Until I met Dr Hendizadeh, I was afraid to get the another bunionectomy done on my other foot.  This time, it was different.  Dr Hendizadeh and his staff eased my anxiety.  They took x-rays of my foot and Dr. Hendizadeh patiently explained the procedure of the surgery and answered all my questions.  He made me so comfortable, I booked for surgery on my first visit.  Before surgery, I was set up with a boot, a bandage protector, and an ice/compressor machine.  Immediately following the surgery, I was able to walk with the boot.  Recovery was MUCH better than the first time. Unlike the first experience, I had no pain following this surgery.  Swelling was kept to a minimum with the ice/compressor machine.  It is now 5 weeks since the surgery, I am able to walk in sneakers.  I look forward to wearing shoes without any pain!  Thank you to Dr. Hendizadeh and his staff for a much better experience and changing my perception of foot surgery.

~Aug 01, 2019 Via Yelp

I was suffering for well over 10 years with hammertoes and bunions and was petrified to have the surgery for reconstruction! I had fear of pain and the whole process! 
I had my surgery done by Dr Pedram Hendizadeh who was recommended by Dr Arden Smith....! 
We had one visit -he allayed all my fears and surgery was done on 6/12/19! 
It is 8 weeks post op now and my foot is totally healed..I am walking in regular shoes and my foot feels wonderful-pain free! 
I literally had almost no pain since the surgery! 
He is an amazing surgeon, very sweet and patient and thorough! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs this procedure! 
So happy I had this done finally and with such a great outcome! Will post pictures soon!

~Aug 09, 2019 Via Facebook

Dr Pedram Hendizadeh helped me tremendously. I had been to 4 other doctors that weren't able to offer me any relief of my plantar fasciitis. Under the guidance of ultrasound Dr. Hendizadeh gave me a shot which gave me huge relief within an hour. It was unbelievable.  I believe it was the ultrasound guidance that made the shot effective. Only Dr. Hendizadeh took my pain seriously enough to offer me immediate relief. His office staff and medical assistants are wonderful as well.  They are very personable and warm. I highly recommend Dr Hendizadeh and Advanced Podiatry.

~Jun 25, 2019 Via Yelp


I have suffered from a bunion for many years and visits to podiatrists always ended with me taking no action. When I couldn't stand the pain any longer, I wanted to find an excellent podiatrist to advise me. I did a Google search and came across the website for Associated Podiatrists, I was immediately impressed with the website and how it was put together. It has so much good information on it, including videos, before and after photos, and detailed information on the doctors and their credentials. I was drawn to Dr Hendizadeh because Of the videos he was featured in on the website and because I noticed that he is the Vice President of the Fairfield County Podiatric Medical Association which indicated to me that he Stays current with new podiatric research and treatments and has a good following. So I immediately made an appointment to see him. I was very impressed with the office operation - the staff was tremendous and extremely well organized. When I finally met Dr Hendizadeh we just clicked. had a good feeling about him as a human being and a doctor. He was extremely thorough and explained the procedure in a way I could understand. He showed me before and after x-rays of bunion surgeries he has done. Over the years, whenever I have spoken to anyone about bunion surgery, I have seen people grimace and complain bitterly about the pain, but Dr Hendizadeh inspired so much confidence in me that I had the surgery Within a week!


Dr Hendizadeh's post-op follow up was excellent - he called me after I got home from surgery and later again that day to check in. It is comforting to know that your doctor really cares. He has a lot of knowledge and expertise and I was impressed that my post-op office visits were as good as the pre-op visits. This is foot care at a very high level with a staff that really cares. I was also impressed with Surgical Care Affiliates in Bridgeport where I had the surgery- the people there were great.

It has been 7 weeks since my surgery- the healing is excellent and I am almost back in real shoes. I definitely had more pain from the bunion itself than the Procedure. 

I highly recommend Dr Hendizadeh to anyone with foot problems, no matter how severe. I drive 35-40 minutes to his office, and it is worth every bit of the drivel Thank you Dr Hendizadeh. 

~Dr. Walter Bernstein Via Facebook

I just want to say the nights splints are fantastic I'm 90% improved. I used to get out of bed with tremendous pain. And thanks to them, after just a half an hour before bed, I can get out of bed and walk around the house without feeling like something terrible has happened. So, thank you very much!

I am a Radiologist in NYC. I've been a patient of Dr. Zevy Isseroff for many years and he's absolutely an outstanding clinician and podiatrist. He's taken care of all my podiatric needs, some of which are complicated. And he's been an absolute pleasuree to deal with, I recommend him highly and he's been extremely responsive to all my needs.

Hello, I am very happy to refer to Dr. Isseroff. He is a fantastic doctor, he did for my feet what no other doctor could do and I can now walk comfortably because of him and he really is terrific. He's a terrific doctor and he did good work on my feet and a really nice man.

The orthotics that you made for me are really terrific. I've had other orthotics over the years and these really made tremendous difference in the way my foot feels and my quality of life. 

I've had a problem with ingrown toenails since I was a little kid and I came here and I got the orthotics and they worked remarkably well. I saw difference almost from the very beginning. I've been using them for about 3 months now. I would highly recommend them. I got two pairs of orthotics, one for my sneakers and one for my everyday pair of shoes.

As an athlete it is very stressful encountering an injury. Dr. Hendizadeh does a fantastic job at making his patients comfortable and at ease in trusting the healing process. He treats his patients with kindness, fairness and respect. At no point during my injury did I feel uneasy or worried. He and his staff were exceptional. One employee Pam stands out among the rest; from admistration duties to assistance in the exam room, she does it all. This hands on treatment keeps every member of the team on the same page making the patient experience smooth and efficient. Thank you Dr Hendizadeh, thank you Pam and thank you advanced podiatry.

~Oct 13, 2018 Via RateMDs

I was referred toDr. Hendizadeh by Dr. Ardrn Smith approximately six months ago. I had a Lisfranc injury and a painful arthritic joint in my foot. I was unable to work in my trade for several years and I was dealing with pain all the time. I’ve also been dealing with knee pain that may have caused this problem. Dr. H came highly recommended and it is no surprise as to why. He’s extremely professional dedicated and explained everything to me on the first visit. It was evident that I needed to have this surgery as soon as possible. Dr. H and his team performed a lengthy complex operation on my foot with a plate and screws. It’s been six months now and my foot feels fantastic. I have no more pain and I’m going back to work. I’m truly thankful for his services and his abilities to diagnose my problem and corrected in a timely fashion. I highly recommend him and his team.

~Oct 3, 2018 Via RateMDs

Dr. Hendizadeh is a very caring kind individual that pays attention to detail. He is very polite and his staff is well trained and responsive anytime I have a question. I had chronic ankle pain and saw him a few times. His team approach with my PCP and a great physical therapist whom he recommended has helped me get over my chronic condition.

~Sep 15, 2018 Via RateMDs

As a dance fitness studio owner and instructor I am on my feet all day. I depend on my feet for everything. I have been going to Dr. Hendizadeh for many years and any time I have had an issue, he was able to resolve my injuries with minimal downtime. His bedside manners is top notch. His attention to his patients need is so refreshing. Love the office and amazing staff. Thank you thank you.

~Sep 24 2018 from Michele Gabay Tabaroki via Facebook

Dr. J. DiStefano was very knowledgable, and it's a doctor that is easy to talk to. Staff is very friendly A +++

~July 2017 via Zocdoc

I researched bunion surgery for moths. I finally decided on Dr. Vieira, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He did an amazing job. He is doing the surgery on my daughter this summer.

~Jun 23 2017 via Health Grades

Excellent doctor. Highly recommended. Great experience.

~FOR Dr. Vieira from JIG in Farmingdale, NY

Dr. Vieira came very highly recommended by my neighbor and I was not disappointed with the treatment I received. From the start, the office is beautiful, the staff is very friendly, and the wait was minimal. The location is conveniently right off the LIE with plenty of parking. Very pleasant doctor who really explained my options and made me feel much better!

~Nov 11, 2016 from Gene in Roslyn Heights, NY via Health Grades

After breaking my foot last year I called for an emergency appointment at the Huntington office and was seen by Dr. Croughan within the half hour. She is a thorough, friendly, and fantastic physician and has since treated my ingrown toenails numerous times. I would highly recommend her!

~Jul 14, 2018 from Rachel via Health Grades

I took my mother to Dr. Croughan and was so happy with the care that she received. She spent her time cleaning up her feet (which is no small job) and explained everything she was doing. We will be coming back to see her. I highly recommend this doctor!

~Nov 11, 2016 from J.B. in Roslyn Heights, NY via Health Grades

I love Dr. Lee. She listens to me, remembers all of my story, and is very knowledgeable. She has a great bed side manner and is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend her.

~Nov 2017 from Barri Elkins in EAST NORTHPORT via Health Grades

Dr. Lee is fantastic. I don’t have anything bad to say about her. She’s super friendly, relatable, and knows what she’s talking about.

~Oct 27, 2017 in Queens, NY via Health Grades

I had seen Dr. Lee in Huntington and she is wonderful. Great doctor and bed side manor.

~Dec 26, 2016 from Susan in Plainview, NY via Health Grades

Dr. Lee is really great. I came to her with a terrible terrible ingrown and she had me feeling better in no time. She is very patient and made sure I was comfortable the entire time.

~Nov 17, 2016 from James in Port Washington, NY via Health Grades

Dr. DiStefano is very caring and providing care for my foot problem and took time to advise and care for my foot to get the best results. Dr. Distefano is an excellent podiatrist and am very please with his knowledge and professional mannerism! Very happy with the level of customer service, which I feel like you do not see very often with doctors now a days.

~May 19, 2016 from Shauna in NY via Health Grades

Dr. DiStefano hands down has the best bedside manner for a doctor I have ever seen. My grandmother recommended him to me because she has been going to him for about a year now. I came in with foot pain and he explained to me that i have tendinitis and listed the ways to combat the pain and treat. He also showed me how I had callus build up under the sides of my nail bed which he fixed right on the spot which relieved a lot of pain instantly. The office itself is very clean and updated.

~April 29, 2018 from E. Garden in Great Neck, NY via Health Grades

I have taken my mother to several podiatrists and they seem to do ok, but when I took her to see Dr. DiStefano, he really stood out as the best. She only needed some routine care, but the doctor took his time and did a very thorough job. My mother is very happy and wants to continue seeing Dr. DiStefano.

~March 24, 2017 from Rocco in Manhasset, NY via Health Grades

Both Dr. Hendizadeh and Dr. DiStefano are the epitome of consummate professionals! They are caring, knowledgeable and just simply awesome. They will take the time to assess your situation in a careful manner and will also take the time to listen and care for your condition. I would safely assume that the other doctors in this practice follow in their footsteps (no pun intended). I highly recommend Advanced Posiatry to anyone who is need of quality foot care.

~April 12, 2018 via Health Grades

Dr. Hendizadeh and his staff truly saved my life. After a botched surgery left me with painful scars& scars coming through the bone in both feet, I could barely put pressure on my right foot let alone walk.The surgery went better than I could have ever expected, my foot is perfectly straight.I am able to walk, run & return to all activities. I just booked my second surgery for my left foot.I have never met doctors that care for their patients like these doctors do. Highly recommend to everyone.

~Sep 17, 2017 from Lindsay L. East Meadow, NY via Health Grades

This place is AMAZING!!! I am a very active 26 year old so the ability to move around pain free is extremely important to me. I walked into my first meeting with Dr. Hendizadeh very apprehensive. I had already had a bunionectomy performed on my right foot the year prior by a different location/doctor. Needless to say my foot did not heal well... My left foot had started causing me pain and I didn't know what to do. Surgery was the last thing I wanted.

~Jan 30, 2018 via Health Grades

Dr. Hendizadeh helped me with my wart. It didn't even hurt. I recommend him to anyone with a foot problem.

~June 12, 2017 in New Hyde Park, NY via Health Grades

I've been coming to Dr. Hendizadeh for many years . He's excellent, thorough, and very personable . He cares about his patients and answers all my questions. His staff is very professional and friendly. I highly recommend him for all your podiatry needs!

~Nov 17, 2016 from JMariella F. in Whitestome, NY via Health Grades

Dr. Hendizadeh is the most amazing foot Doctor...He is kind patient and caring and was able to diagnose my condition with my feet that no-one ever did before . I suffered for years with a foot problem in the cold weather that gave me infections in my toes very painful and antibiotics at least twice during the winter season..I work with animals and Im out almost the whole day in the cold. Its been 2 years now and NO more infections he prescribed a safe cream to use daily. An angel in my life!

~Nov 12, 2016 from llene G. in Glen Head via Health Grades

After reading all the reviews, I went in with high expectations. Dr. Hendizadeh surpassed them all! I am extremely happy with my experience, and I look forward to going to his office. His staff is efficient and sweet, which made me feel so much better. Dr. Hendizadeh is educated and easy to get along with. He immediately knew what to do about my condition. I am so happy and would recommend him to everyone I know!

~Sep 20, 2016 from Shadi O. in Manhasset, NY via Health Grades

I had heel pain he gave me orthodics and made me feel better very quickly. Now I can play sports again.

~April 23, 2016 from Evan P. in New Hyde Park via Health Grades

To put it simply....Dr. Hendizadeh is a GOD! Whether he is in the office or in the operating room, his skills are unmatched. Surgery is like an art to him, the finished product is always AMAZING. He makes sure that his work is always perfect. As a patient of his for many years, I am forever grateful to have found someone who never stops growing. It is an honor to grow and heal with such an amazing doctor!

~Jan 6, 2016 from Rose E. in Manhasset via Health Grades

I had a great experience with Dr. Hendizadeh . Both me and my daughter have flat feet and he helped explain our options and treatment for it. He always takes his time, is very kind and professional.

~Dec 18, 2015 from Shervin in Alberston via Health Grades

Both Dr. Hendizadeh and Dr. DiStefano are the epitome of consummate professionals! They are caring, knowledgeable and just simply awesome. They will take the time to assess your situation in a careful manner and will also take the time to listen and care for your condition. I would safely assume that the other doctors in this practice follow in their footsteps (no pun intended). I highly recommend Advanced Posiatry to anyone who is need of quality foot care.

~April 12, 2018 from Connie via Health Grades

Great doctor and staff. Dr. Hendizadeh Took the time to understand my problems and history and customized a plan to get me back to my old self. Very knowledgeable and great facility.


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