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Manhasset, NY, Sept 6th, 2017 - UMA Health, the revolutionary platform which allows patients to skip insurance and shop for doctors and procedures via price, distance, ratings and availability will donate 10% of all revenue earned in September to Hurricane Harvey victims.

UMA brings hundreds of doctors within reach of the uninsured. A free-market for health care visits and procedures is considered the best way to bring down the cost of healthcare according to doctors and and politicians alike.

According to Dr. Pedram Hendizadeh, Founder and CEO of UMA Health, “Our core mission as a company is to help people, whether they are uninsured and need an affordable doctor or need relief from Hurricane Harvey.” He continued, “Aiding Harvey victims fits in with our vision of helping the most needy among us.”

According to Rich Tehrani, COO, “Patients using UMA Health can have the satisfaction of knowing a portion of their payment is going to a good cause while they also get 5% back to spend on further medical visits.” He continued, “Our hearts go out to the people who have had their homes and careers ruined by this disaster. We want them to to know our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

About UMA Health

UMA connects cash-paying patients to therapists, psychologists and doctors and is currently providing doctors in the NYC area and growing quickly.Our platform connects patients with doctors but skips insurance. It allows patients to find doctors based on cost, distance, ratings and availability. Book an appointment online at umahealth.com.

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By Dr. Alison Croughan
August 04, 2017
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Tags: Office Etiquette  
If you peruse the shelves of your local library or Barnes and Nobles there are a number "how to" books written to direct us in our best efforts to become a calligrapher, start a garden or fix your sink...but what if there was a guide written by medical professionals to help you, the patient, have a more enjoyable, easier appointment?
     Below is our guide to not only scheduling an appointment, but navigating paperwork and how to prepare yourself and your loved one so that your experience is the best for you and focused on helping you achieve relief from pain, gain mobility and better health.  
     Our practice takes pride in your overall experience and want to do our best to help you put your best foot forward (foot pun intended).

First, you may be wondering what the best way to go about making an appointment is.
How do I make an appointment at our office?
      - by phone
      - online via zocdoc or UMA
      - through our website at lifootcare.com
    Next, how long should I expect to be at the doctor's office? 
      New patient appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes and established patients are given a 15 minute appointment.
       What does double booking mean? If we have to double book,  which we try not to do unless it's a true emergency, that means that you are scheduled to come in the same time as another patient. Our office always does our best to get patients in same day or as soon as possible but that may mean that you are not seen exactly at your scheduled appointment due to overbooking.

    Our office has early morning, evening and weekend appointments to accommodate school schedules, sporting events, commuters and all work schedules.
      If you or a loved one have been walking around with painful, troubled feet - do not wait any longer. 
Ok, so you have an appointment - now when should you show up for your appointment?

         We ask that all new patients arrive 10 minutes early to complete paperwork.

          We ask that all returning patients arrive on time for their appointment.  If you are running late please phone the office to let them know. Depending on how late you are running your appointment may have to be rescheduled for another time due to scheduled in office procedures, surgeries and other appointments.

Before you leave your house, office or school - there are a few things that you need to make sure you have with you.
       What to bring with you...

       Your license, health insurance cards, birth date for policy holder, and if you are a minor you need to be accompanied by a parent or have written consent for another legal adult to bring you to your appointment.

       We also ask that you bring any relevant medical information - medication lists, X-rays, and bloodwork.

Paperwork should not be stressful and these days most of it can be completed on an IPAD.  Easier for patients and saves some trees.

     Medical history, HIPPA and medical release forms can be downloaded from our website lifootcare.com and completed prior to your appointment or all of the above can be easily accessed on our office iPads.

  You made it through traffic, found a close parking space and have arrived in the office.  Now what?

    - how long should you wait? We do our best to always run on time. However, some times procedures or evaluation takes longer than expected. We promise our patients that we will spend as much time as needed to throughly care for each patient.

   - how long should appointment last?
     30 minutes for new patients and 15 minutes for existing patients.

- how quickly should I be seen again?
   Every ailment needs a different follow up time. Returning appointments can vary from 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 3 months.

- what if someone arrives after me but is taken before me?
   We have multiple physicians in our office at the same time and patients are seen according to their scheduled time.

So, what if English is not my first language?

     We have multi lingual podiatrists and medical assistants to help review documentation and explain patient care - however if you are concerned that there may be a language barrier please notify the staff upon making your appointment or bring someone with you to assist in translating.
Should I use my cell phone in the office?

    We kindly ask that all calls be taken in the hallway outside of the office and you limit texting while in the exam room with the physician. Not only is it distracting but the main focus in the exam room is you; therefore your focus should not be on texting or you tube.
After you've left our office you may have some follow up questions...
-  When will my prescriptions be sent?

     Physicians will send all prescriptions when time allows during the day, at lunch time or end of day.

 - When will physician phone calls be returned?

    Physicians will return all phone calls during a break in schedule however normally all calls will be returned at lunch or end of day.

 - What if I am sick?

     We kindly ask that if you are sick enough where you would not attend work or school you reschedule your appointment out of respect for our other patients.

- Can I bring my pets?

      Only service animals are allowed in our office.

-  Do I have a copay?

     Copay amounts are due at time of service as well as all current balances. Our office gladly accepts all major credit cards, cash and personal checks.
    We hope to see you soon in one of our three office locations.





Advanced Podiatry has enrolled with UMA to schedule appointments for patients that are self pay.  UMA is better known as "hassle-free healthcare," also known as Urgent Medical access.  UMA Health is an insurance free platform that allows patients to bypass insurance, schedule an appointment and pay for their visit - before ever walking through the door!  It's the quickest, easiest way to schedule a doctor's visit.  Here's a link tot: umahealth.com

The concept was actually conceived by the #1 ranked podiatrist in the U.S. by RateMDs.com, Dr. Pedram Hendizadeh.  

UMA's goal is to help patients with high deductible insurance plans or who have no insurance coverage determine the cost of care prior to the visit.  When patients book an appointment through UMA, they are able to:

  • Find the best prices for doctor visits and earn reward dollars
  • Bypass insurance and know exactly what they're paying (no surprise bills months later!) 
  • Find quality care in the New York area
  • Book an appointment with just a few taps
  • Have on-demand care when you need it the most

Many patients with high deductible insurance plans are unaware of what their medical costs prior to their medical evaluation.  This leads to confusion and frustration when they receive their bills months later in the mail.  

How long has UMA been around?  The idea for UMA has been in the seed since January 2016.  UMA has just launched in March of 2017, with the platform growing rapidly. 

The current healthcare system is broken and unsustainable.  UMA Health is here to help.

Try booking your next Advanced Podiatry appointment through UMA! 

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