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Posts for: January, 2017

By Dr. Pedram A. Hendizadeh
January 29, 2017
Category: Laser Fungal Nail
Tags: fungus   LaserToenail   Laser   Toenail  
Do you have fungal nails? Are you constantly self conscious about your toenail appearance and hide your feet? Don’t worry, you are not alone - over 36 million individuals in the US are affected  by nail fungus.    
There are different types of nail fungus and is typically caused by fungi (yeasts/molds). Fungi love warm and moist places and can thrive in the layer of dead skin surrounding your nails. Depending on the circumstances whether due to health issues (immunocompromised), going  barefoot in communal areas (gym showers, pool areas, gym mats)- your nails may become  infected. Once infected, your nails may become discolored, thickened, and even painful. Stop  nail fungus and try laser toenail treatment!   
At Advanced Podiatry, we offer the Pinpointe Foot Laser. The Pinpointe laser is the first FDA approved laser that is clinically proven to provide significant improvement in clear nail growth  without side effects or need for blood tests! The laser targets the fungi the nail without causing damage to your nails or skin! Most patient only complain of increased warmth on their toenails  during the procedure.   
If you are interested in the Pinpointe Foot Laser, now is the time to do it in order to have your nails summer ready! This is because you may not visually see a change in nail appearance until your nail grows out which may take about 5-6 months. According to a study performed, more than 71% of patients experienced “sustained improvement in new, clear nail growth.”   
Don’t hide your toes any longer, book your appointment for the Pinpointe Foot Laser today!   
Advanced Podiatry of Manhasset (516) 869-3300   
Advanced Podiatry of Huntington (631) 427-3678    
Be on the lookout for an upcoming special for Valentine’s Day!   

By Dr. Alison D. Croughan
January 26, 2017
Category: spring foot care
Tags: foot   tips   care  

We have about 50 days left until spring!  February break is rapidly approaching.  After being in boots and shoes all winter, then suddenly transitioning to flip flops and sandals for their vacations many people have foot problems! Here are the most common problems our patients encounter while away. 

1) Foreign Bodies - Barefoot walking on an unfamiliar beach or in the water can pose a problem.  Every hear we have a few patients come in with wood, glass, shells or sometimes sea urchin spikes in their feet!
2) Blisters - Don't walk on that hot pool deck or sand barefoot!  Blisters on the bottom of your foot are very painful, take a while to heel and can really be a bummer on your break. 
3) Infections - Fungal, bacterial and viral.  Ranging from fungal nails to athletes foot and even warts.  You are exposed to all of the above when walking barefoot in warm stagnant water. 
4) Heel pain - Sudden transition to a low shoe, flats and sandals is a very common trigger.  Consider bringing your orthotics with you. 
5) Sunburn - Don't forget to apply to your feet! Your toes are just as prone to sunburn as your nose.  Neglecting to apply sunscreen to you feet can leave you at risk fore a painful burn to you foot that can make putting on shoes near impossible. 
Have fun, be safe and give us a call if you need anything!

By Dr. Pedram A. Hendizadeh
January 26, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: foot care tips   Superbowl  
We are two weeks from a face off of two stellar quarterbacks in Supberbowl LI. This is always an exciting time of year for sports fans everywhere.  Tom Brady has been at it for almost 20 years dominating the NFL.  So how does he do it?  
He takes superb care of his body.  He follows a strict diet, sometimes totally vegan.  He has a regular physical therapy routine and very regimented fitness regime. 
The Superbowl happens to come at the beginning of February which is when many of us fall of the fitness bandwagon.  Part of that drop off in physical activity if due to new onset aches and pains.  Issues like ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and painful bunions are just a few of the issues that plague new athletes. Instead of seeing a doctor and getting evaluated people often times just give in and think they aren't cut out for exercise.  
Don't give up! If you have pain, come in and see us now!  Stretching exercises, injections, orthotics can all help!  Remember, if you want to get in shape and stay in shape you don't have to be as strict as Tom Brady, but you definitely can't give up.  

By Dr. Evan A. Vieira
January 26, 2017
Category: Toes
Tags: Foot Care   toes  


Are you toes starting to curl?  Do you have discolored small bumps on your toes?  Do they hurt in shoes?  

You may have a phalangeal joint contracture; more commonly known as a hammertoe.  These painful deformities are caused by an imbalance of the tendons in your foot.  They are very common.  More conservative measures such as wide shoes, activity changes, padding cal all be helpful.  Stretching splints can help loosen up tendons and orthotics can help restore balance. However,  the only way to correct hammertoes is by surgical intervention.  
This simple outpatient procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and you are usually able to get back into a shoe  at 2-3 weeks.  The results are excellent and most of the time all your toes can be done at once without elongating your recovery.  
Please feel free to call with any questions or to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors today.  

By Dr. Pedram A. Hendizadeh
January 03, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: right podiatrists  

Picking the right podiatrist, or any doctor for that matter, can be a very arduous and time consuming process. Internet reviews are a good way to start, but as I'm sure you have found in your searches, the internet isn't always the most reliable source. Asking friends and relatives is also a good way to find a podiatrist, but even then, how do you know that this podiatrist is the best one for you? Of course, finding a podiatrist that accepts your insurance is a key factor, however, if you have several choices, what things should you look for? After working in many different offices, here are some of the things I try to notice. From the time you walk into the office, how are you greeted? What is the condition of the waiting room? In my experience, these two simple things are a good indication of the way the practice is run. Appearances aren't everything, but modernization and attention to detail are some of the best qualities you could hope for in a medical professional.

When the podiatrist comes in, how does he or she treat you? Do they give you enough time to diagnose your problem and give you adequate treatment options? It seems like some doctors are always in such a rush. When you're in the chair, it should be a throne, which you vacate only when you are informed of the course of treatment and all your questions have been answered. You're not on the doctors time, the doctor is on your time.
Medicine is a rapidly changing field, with new medicines and updated technologies being utilized practically monthly. Make sure the podiatrist you see is using the most updated equipment possible. An example I like to reference is laser treatment for nail fungus. Lasers have been used since the late 90's for toenail fungus, but FDA approval has only been granted in 2010! Even some devices made after 2010 still don't have FDA clearance as being appropriate for clearance of fungus from toenails. With laser treatment being the most costly but successful way to treat toenail fungus, you want to make sure if you elect for this treatment, you are getting the best value for your money. Never be afraid to ask your podiatrist about the medicines and treatments they offer!
Check the podiatrist's credentials with hospital and professional medical associations. Rarely will you see a doctor on staff at a hospital without board certification or at least qualification. That is an indication that the Podiatrist is in good standing with state and national organizations. 
All things considered, go with your instincts. The regime of dry, humorless physicians in lab coats are a thing of the past. Find a podiatrist with some smiles to go with the smarts and keep your feet happy, healthy and ready to take on the new year!!

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