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Posts for: October, 2019

By Dr Evan Vieira
October 28, 2019
Category: World Series
Tags: World Series  


Last week it looked like the Washington Nationals were going to walk away with this championship.  Two wins on the road in Houston, only to drop the next two games at home.  Now we have a series!

A remarkable turn of events, and some eclectic baseball have kept this quite exciting.  The never give up mentality as done well for these gritty tough Astros.  Now they are on their way home to try and lock this up once and for all.  
Unfortunately, neither our hometown Mets or Yankees are playing in the October classic this year. But we are New Yorkers and we will be back soon!  In the meantime, if you don't have a rooting interest in this years championship give us a call and come in for a visit.  We are here waiting for you!  Just like we are waiting for another New York World Series.  
See you soon!

By Dr Pedram Hendizadeh
October 21, 2019
Category: Foot Care
The holidays are around the corner. Are you stressing about what to wear? More importantly are you stressing about what shoes to wear so your feet aren’t killing you at the end of a holiday party? Many women suffer from bunions and hammertoes, heel pain, Achilles tendinitis, or even athletes foot or some of the common problems they see with shoe gear.
Most podiatrist will tell you to wear flats and a wider shoe to have comfort. We know in today’s day and age that is not practical. A good option is to wear wedge Heels which are fashionable these days. Wearing a shoe that has a deeper toebox will allow for swelling. And a shoe that generally gives you support is also important to consider. When shopping for shoes you may consider going towards the middle or the end of the day when feet are a little bit more swollen. If you buy shoes earlier in the day you may buy a pair that’s too small for you. Remember going to these holidays parties includes having typically foods that are rich in salt and fat and an occasional alcoholic beverage which will swell your feet.
If you do suffer from painful bunions or hammertoes you certainly should consider a flatter shoe that’s much wider. There are brands that have more fashionable shoes these days giving women more flexibility and options.

By Dr Aarti Kumar
October 17, 2019
Category: Foot Care
Tags: In-office Imaging  
We live in an instantaneous world where everything is at our fingertips in the blink of an eye! We can have our coffee in the morning with the touch of a button, look something up on the internet with the tap of a button and have deliveries at our doorstep sooner than we could imagine! Likewise, when we go to a doctor's office we want to have our diagnosis immediately instead of running out the door to go to another facility for imaging. Time is limited nowadays and at Advanced Podiatry we understand that patients have a life to get back to. In order to streamline the process from evaluation, diagnosis to treatment, our offices are fully equipped with on-site xrays, live fluoroscopy and ultrasounds. 
If you feel as if you have a recent injury, come into one of our offices for an evaluation with one of our doctors! We pride ourselves in having imaging modalities here for you so that we can treat you accordingly right away.

By Dr Aarti Kumar
October 04, 2019
Category: Foot Care
More and more people are living beyond the age of 65 thanks to increased attention towards healthy eating, exercising and lifestyle changes. However, with aging comes a fear--a fear of falling. This fear affects the patient, their families and health practitioners involved. 
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Americans over 65 will fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of injury in the aging population and fifth leading cause of death. Whether falls result in injury or not, they definitely affect one's quality of life! Because of the fear of falling, older adults limit their activities and social gatherings which results in physical decline and depression from isolation.
It is important to recognize your risks of falling and seek help/medical attention instead of staying at home in fear. One of the major risk factors of falling is history of a previous fall. It is an important question any health care practitioner should ask the patient. Medications  that cause fatigue, drowsiness and lightheadedness should be taken seriously and not consumed if a patient is alone or planning on driving. Other risk factors for falls include: impaired vision, recent lower extremity surgery or illnesses that cause numbness or tingling in the lower extremities. A wide array of balance problems can also lead to falls so it is important to seek medical attention if you feel dizzy or unsteady.
If you feel like you have any of the above risk factors and are afraid of falling, speak to your podiatrist. The foot and ankle specialists at Advanced Podiatry are here to listen to you and provide a helping hand at enhancing your quality of life. Whether this involves recommending more supportive shoe gear to performing strengthening exercises or recommending gait assistive devices, come in for an evaluation and see how we can keep you standing on your feet! 

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