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Posts for: August, 2021

By Dr Arden Smith
August 24, 2021
Category: Toes
Tags: Toe Cramps  
Many of us have experienced cramps in our legs and feet. But, when those cramps work their way down to our toes, they can be incredibly painful. A toe cramp can make you feel like your feet and/or toes are in a vice. Most muscle cramps are harmless, but when they tighten and pull, it can feel like an emergency.
If your foot is cramping, try stretching, or massaging it slowly. When stretching the toe, do not pull the toe in a jerking motion. That could cause a muscle injury. Instead, try slowly pulling your toe to stretch it, or massage your foot by gently rolling it over a round object like a golf ball.
Remember that dehydration isn’t the only thing linked to muscle cramps, or spasm – low electrolytes and nutrients are, too. So, try to get your electrolyte levels up by eating a quick snack, Specifically, eating a banana would be a good choice.
If you suffer from foot or toe cramps please call one of our Advanced Podiatry offices in Manhasset, Huntington, Maspeth, Plainview, or Coram and one of our award-winning, expert podiatrists will be happy to evaluate your problem, answer your questions, and discuss treatment alternatives with you.

By Dr Evan Vieira
August 20, 2021
Category: Bunions
Tags: Lapiplasty  

Lapiplasty is a new surgical innovation that has forever changed the world of bunion surgery!  This new spin on a well-established and trusted surgical procedure now allows for smaller incisions, quicker healing times, and sooner weight-bearing.  

Painful bunions can be a major nuisance to a lot of patients, but we have been successfully treating them for years. This new technique is a game-changer and has truly advanced the treatment and management of this very common condition. 

If you are considering bunion surgery make sure you do your research and discuss all available options. 
Say goodbye to painful bunions forever!  
Call today for your surgical evaluation! 

By Dr Arden Smith
August 09, 2021
Category: Toes
Tags: black toenails  
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you run regularly, you can pretty much expect a blackened toenail or two at some point in time.
When you get your first one, it’s kind of a sign that you’ve moved your training to a higher level.
That’s because black toenails in runners tend to become more common the more you run, and the longer you go. People who run a mile or two at a time and a couple of days a week, are less likely to experience them than those who train multiple days a week, hitting at least a 5K, roughly 3 miles, per run.
In most cases, black toenails in runners are not something to worry about, and for some people, it just comes with the miles. Some runners even consider it a badge of honor to get their first one, but they can be annoying and unsightly when flip-flop season rolls around.
If you do notice a color change in your toe nails, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If in doubt give one of our Advanced Podiatry offices a call and one of our award winning expert doctors will be happy to evaluate your problem and answer any of your questions.

By Dr Aarti Kumar
August 04, 2021
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Midfoot Exostosis  

An exostosis is a medical term used to describe new bone growth on top of existing bone. It can be used synonymously with the word "spur".  The most common locations for an exostosis to form in the foot are the heel, midfoot and big toe joint. Many times bone spurs exist and do not cause symptoms. Unfortunately, some become symptomatic or are simply "visible and palpable" and require further attention. 

When the bone spur occurs in the midfoot, it can pose a special situation not only due to pain but also for cosmetic reasons and shoe irritation. Bone spurs in the midfoot can arise from trauma, arthritis or biomechanical foot types-either high or low arches. During a work up, one of our doctors will clinically evaluate the "bony bump" and then take radiographs to see the underlying joints that may be causing these specific spurs. There are various superficial tendons and nerves which pass from the leg and lie on top of the foot; having a bone spur can cause numbness, tingling or pain from the friction of these soft tissue structures rubbing up against the bone spur. Due to the friction of these tendons rubbing against the bone spur, ganglion cysts can commonly arise at the area of complaint. 
Some of the treatment options for midfoot exostosis include but are not limited to: modfiying shoe gear, custom orthotics to address the underlying biomechanical problem, cortisone injection therapy, topical pain creams and physical therapy. If all these options fail, surgical treatment options of resecting the exostosis or "exostectomy" is discussed with the patient.
If you have noticed a bump on the top of your foot and have been in pain, come in for an evaluation with one of our podiatrists at our various locations. You do not need to suffer in pain anymore and there is always a way to help you walk out more comfortably!

You might have heard that cutting a notch in the center of your toenail will temper the tendency for the nail to curve downward and dig into your skin. But, does this method really minimize, or heal ingrown toenails? The answer is an unequivocal NO. 
The nail grows from the base (cuticle area) forward, so cutting a V in the tip of the nail has no impact on growth.
If you have a chronic, painful, ingrown nail, the best remedy is an in office minor surgical procedure where the offending nail border is removed. 
If you are concerned about a chronic and painful ingrown toenail please call one of our Advanced Podiatry offices in Manhasset, Huntington, Maspeth, Plainview, or Coram and one of our expert award-winning podiatrists will be happy to consult with you and properly diagnose and treat this condition.

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