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By Robin Kerns, MS, LMT
November 07, 2019
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Foot Massage  


When it comes to massage of the feet, there are a number of specific treatments available.  A licensed massage therapist is trained and experienced to treat the feet with specific knowledge of the anatomy involved.  
In comparison to most other bones, muscles, soft tissues, ligaments and tendons of the body, those of the feet are small in size.  Still, they are huge in significance.   
Feet allow us to stand upright, withstanding the weight of our entire bodies.  Feet allow us to walk, run and perform many other activities.  Considering their size, how can one not marvel at their design and ability to perform tasks?  An anatomical wonder, feet are clearly a biomechanic feat, homophonically speaking. 
Yet, failure to think of the value of feet can lead to many challenging circumstances.  It is important to recognize and acknowledge problems, and obtain needed care for these vigorous little workers, along with the equally vigorous working tiny toes.   
Think momentarily:  In your opinion, your hair looks terrible.  At the very minimum, you comb or brush it. You may cut it or change the style. Moreover, there are keratin, scalp, hot oil and detox treatments. Hair can be rolled, straightened, trimmed, colored or highlighted.  Gel, glue, mousse, conditioner, serum, spray or wax can be applied. Hair can be chemically relaxed. Hair can even be transplanted.  And these are just hair treatments, not scalp ones!  On the other hand, physiologically, scalp treatments make sense.  But for purposes here feet are the sole (another homophone) comparison.  
Hair is one of the first visual indicators of our outward appearance.  Feet are not.  Even in warmer weather, when their rankings rise a bit, feet are still not a top contender.  People negate proper foot care; is it due to their location on the human body? 
It is important to treat your feet well: to wear properly fitting shoes, and to not ignore symptoms or signs of problems.  Not to disparage hair care, but even a limited extent of treatments available would not change our physical states of well being.  Ignoring proper foot care, well,  this is quite a different story.  
So what role does foot massage play here?  Not surprisingly, a very good one.  When asked where people most want to be massaged, the most common answers are their feet and backs.  
Therefore the goal is to recognize that overall foot health means overall foot care. And this includes massaging the feet. If not by a professional, then individuals need to take the time to work on their feet, even just a few minutes a day.   
Furthermore, as a licensed massage therapist, I not only have a plethora of treatment options and skills at my fingertips (haha), but I design and choreograph entire therapy plans and sequences.  Truth be told, when focused on these small anatomical workhorses, my role becomes minutely specific and deeply meaningful. This is no small feat, either! 



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