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By Dr Alison Croughan
November 23, 2019
Category: Foot Care
Tags: black toenails  


Do you exercise or run? Do you find your nails to be thickened, discolored or painful? This could be due to “repetitive trauma.” What does that actually mean? Constant friction from the ground or shoe gear.  What does this actually do to my nails? It can make them thick, lifted, yellow and even black.

Is a black toenail something to be concerned about? The answer is no.  It is not life threatening. It simply means that due to the friction you have bruising or a collection of blood under the nail plate.  If you have continuous pain and suffered a injury then we would want to investigate further to confirm there are no signs of a fracture or active wound.  

Sometimes to alleviate your discomfort the nail needs to be partially or totally removed but all of this would be discussed after a thorough evaluation.  Sometimes the nail falls off and other times the discoloration grows out over time.

We do not recommended sticking a pin or needle through the nail as that makes the patient much more vulnerable to infection or further harm.

During your appointment we will discuss the need for X-rays, evaluate your shoes for further prevention, custom orthotics if necessary to offload the toes and care for the affected toenail.



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