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By Dr Evan Vieira
March 19, 2018
Category: Foot Tips
Tags: Basketball   Foot Care   foot injury  


March Madness is here!  One of the most exciting times of year in sports.  Basketball is an exciting, high energy, fast paced sport.  Constant lead changes and fiercely competitive college athletes make the NCAA tournament amazing.  

Basketball is very often synonymous with lower extremity and foot injuries.  The nature of the sport puts a lot of stress on the feet and ankles.  Sprains and fractures are unfortunately a common injury for these types of athletes.  A sprain, or tearing of a ligament is often treated with a. period of immobilization, but can require surgery.  The same goes for fractures of the feet.  
We here at advanced podiatry are experts in all types of lower extremity injuries.  So. if you find yourself sidelined we can get you back on the court. Go Orange!
By Dr Joseph R DiStefano
April 28, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Basketball   March Madness   shoe gear  


With March Madness over, and basketball season kicking into high gear, it is important to mention the toll that court sports play on the lower extremity and especially the feet. The side to side cutting movement required by athletes, in combination with an unforgiving, solid court, unfortunately give podiatrists frequent visits. 

Wearing proper shoe gear is a big help in preventing injuries, but even then, finding a well made shoe is difficult. Most basketball sneakers are high tops, which provide some stability and protection to the ankle, however, most are made without much support to the foot. Since the foot is the first thing to strike the ground when running or pivoting, if it is not properly supported, a biomechanical imbalance is created. The supportive structures of the foot, tendons, ligaments and bones, are called upon to rebalance the foot and stabilize the ankle. A combination of repetitive stress and imbalances in the supportive structures lead to injuries and chronic pain. 
The injuries seen vary depending on many factors, however the majority are acute, and with early diagnosis and prevention, the problems are fixed. Heel pain and ankle sprains are very common issues in athletes who play court sports, again precipitated by improper footwear and biomechanical abnormalities. Often, by ignoring pain in the foot, tendonitis, ligament tears, or stress fractures can occur. These injuries generally take longer to heal, as the feet have been damaged over a longer period of time.
The best way to keep your feet on the floor and your head in the game is to be evaluated by a podiatrist. With a proper biomechanical exam and gait analysis, your podiatrist can fabricate a custom orthotic that will rebalance the structures of the foot into their optimal alignment and reduce unnecessary stress throughout the lower extremity. Orthotics aren't PF flyers. They won't make you run faster or jump higher. They will, however, allow you to perform to your maximum capability and help prevent overuse injuries. If the court is your refuge, nothing could be better than that. Come see your friendly neighborhood podiatrist in Huntington, NY! 

With the NBA finals fast approaching, one could certainly say that 'tis the season of basketball! Even if you're not a professional or collegiate athlete, but enjoy a pick-up game of hoops every now and then, you should always make sure your feet are in tip-top shape if you want to perform your best each time you hit the court.

At Associated Podiatrists, the health of your feet are of the utmost importance, as the expert staff on site make it their mission to help your feet remain strong and agile for every basketball move you make. It is with this expertise that your risk for suffering foot-related sports injuries plummets, helping to ensure that you've got your A-game on full display each day!

Take a look at some simple facts about your sports-related podiatric pains and how to prevent them in the future below:

Foot Problems Can Be Largely Genetic

Oftentimes, athletes and others suffering from heel pain have either extremely high or extremely low arches. When the footwear they wear doesn't provide proper support, it only compounds the issue, increasing the risk for sports injuries in the process. Also, being overweight or being on hard surfaces (such as concrete) for long periods of time during the day can cause persistent foot pains as well.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common basketball foot injuries. Typically caused by overpronation of the feet over time, plantar fasciitis can lead to heel pain that persists throughout the day.

Other Causes Of Foot Pain

Conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, or nerve issues can further cause and continue to exacerbate heel pain. Also, heel spurs can cause perpetual discomfort.

How To Protect Sports Feet

If you're out there on the court often this time of year (or any time of the year, for that matter), it might behoove you to treat your feet with a daily dose of ice after games, stretching before and after games, and wearing only the most comfortable basketball shoes. Also, splints and physical therapy can help you overcome troubled sports feet.

If your foot pain is more serious, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT) can be relied on by podiatric experts for optimum foot relief.

For more information on treating sports injuries and residual heel pain, call the foot experts at Associated Podiatrists for the answers you've been looking for right here in Huntington, NY!

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