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By Dr Shabana Chowdhury
May 29, 2018
Category: Foot Care
Tags: podiatrist   pedicure   toenail fungus  
Now that the weather is getting warmer, we are more inclined to take out our sandals to show off our freshly done pedicures. But before running to the nearest nail salon be informed and well aware of certain business practices that might affect the health of your feet.
Always go to a salon that uses clean instruments for each client. Nail salons are notorious for spreading toenail fungus. Going to a salon that autoclaves and sterilizers packs sets of tools ensure you that the salon is not reusing contaminated instruments. Not only does is prevents the spread of toenail fungus, it is also a hygienic practice. Many salons also place a sterile covering on the footbath as another measure to prevent the spread of the fungus. 
Some may think that bringing in your own nail polish to the salon may also be a way to prevent the spread of toenail fungus, however, studies have shown that chances of getting fungus from sharing nail polish are actually quite low. This is due to the solvents in nail polish being chemically toxic to microorganisms by degrading their cell walls within seconds of contact. In fact, having freshly painted nails actually prevents colonization of microbes to the nails due to the antimicrobial benefit of the solvents in nail polish. Chipped nail polish can actually harbor bacteria that may raise the chance of infection when paired with pushing or cutting of the cuticles. So don’t be afraid to choose the polish from the salon when are you are there for your weekly pedicure. 
Also, try to steer clear from callus debridement from nail salons. Since the nail technicians are not medically trained, many of them confuse warts with calluses. Warts, just like fungus, are very contagious and may be difficult to treat. To be safe, have your calluses checked by a podiatrist who can inform you of the underlying cause of this skin thickening.
Now that you are well informed about hygienic practices of nail salons, don’t be afraid to show off your beautiful pedicures in all your summer shoewear.
Although banned in New York,  the use of Doctor Fish is popular overseas.  These little creatures love to nibble dead skin off of human feet.
They are used in "fish pedicures" in spas and salons throughout Europe and Asia. They are also popular for the management of patients with psoriasis. 
For reasons related to infection and cleanliness, they are not allowed in most US states, but if you are willing to travel to Europe you are welcome to indulge.  
Would you ever get a "fish pedicure?" 
By Dr. Alison D. Croughan
February 04, 2016
Category: Foot Tips
Tags: pedicure   foot   tips   foot precautions  


Many patients question if pedicures are “podiatrist approved” - the answer is simple - yes, but with precautions to keep you safe and healthy.  Read our tips below regarding safety issues and if you're using a commercial salon to perform your pedicure, do a little research before booking an appointment.  Getting a pedicure today can involve much more than just painting your toenails - paraffin wax, massage, callus removal, masks and ingrown toenail removal.  

What should you know: 

First, verify that the nail technicians at the salon you use are certified by the state (licenses and photographs should be visible upon entering establishment.) Also, make sure the instruments the technicians are using and the foot bath you place your feet in are appropriately sterilized to kill germs. An autoclave is the only true way instruments are sterile. Instruments should be sealed in individual packs with an indicator strip and disposed of after using. UV lights and bins with solution do not properly clean instruments and rid them of bacteria from other individuals.  We recommend finding a salon with an autoclave or bringing your own instruments. 

Second, it is illegal for razors or blades of any sort to be used toe cut calluses or thickened, dry skin.  Unfortunately, many places today continue to do so.  If you have painful corns, calluses or wounds of any sort a medical professional should evaluate and care for. You should also never get a pedicure with an open wound of any sort.

Third, you might be tempted to shave your legs before getting a pedicure - don't. If you scrape or nick the skin prior to a pedicure, it provides an entry point for bacteria. This places you at higher risk for a foot infection.

Fourth, cuticles should not be cut as they protect the inside of the body from the outside world. Instead, technicians should push back cuticles and scrape away excess buildup. The use of a cuticle oil on a weekly basis will also decrease the buildup noted.

Fifth, nail technicians are not equipped nor properly trained to manage ingrown toenails. Seek professional care if you are having any pain before or as the result of a pedicure to prevent an infection.  

Sixth, paraffin wax can harbor bacteria and fungus if hands and feet are being dipped into the basin.  If you have circulatory or sensation issues such a neuropathy you are also at risk for sustaining a burn.

Lastly, gel manicures and pedicures are quite popular  - make sure your nail salon has proper protective gloves and socks to protect your skin from the UV light. If you notice any suspicious freckles or moles seek the evaluation of a professional.  

Our office in Manhasset offers a Medi-Spa to provide our patients safe manicures and pedicures. For more information on pedicure precautions and to schedule your appointment contact our office today.  

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