How to Prevent Summer Sports Injuries?

Know how to protect your feet and ankles from potential injury while exercising.

Once summer hits, athletes everywhere lace up their shoes and put on their gear and go outdoors to enjoy their favorite sport. Whether a professional athlete or just an inspired novice, it’s important to protect your feet and ankles from injury while in the heat of the game or even during practice. Prevent an injury from sending you to your Roslyn podiatrist this summer by following these helpful tips:

Train in a steady progression

If you start training before your season starts, it’s important that you continue to increase the duration and intensity of your training over time. If you take on too much too fast you could find yourself with a nasty and painful condition like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Talk to your Roslyn podiatrist if you have questions about increasing your training intensity safely.

Warm-up before physical activity

No athlete should ever immediately run right into the game without first warming up the body. Cold muscles are more prone to injury, so take about ten minutes before a game or practice to do some light stretching and calisthenics to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

Always have the proper footwear

Even if you’re just playing a fun game with friends you still want to wear the best shoes for the sport. Don’t try playing in sandals or flip-flops, which don’t offer enough support or protection, particularly for sports like tennis or basketball that require fast, lateral movements, which cause a lot of the injuries that your Roslyn podiatrist sees. If you are unsure what footwear is appropriate for your activity, go to a specialty sporting goods store where an expert can help you choose the right shoes for your feet.

Don’t forget those socks

If you want to protect feet from infection, blisters, and other foot problems then you’ll want to wear socks at all times while you exercise. Better yet, opt for moisture-wicking socks, which help absorb sweat so your feet remain cool and help prevent fungal infections.

Whether your sport of choice is beach volleyball or a solo activity like biking, it’s important to always wear the proper protection and to take it easy at the first sign of a problem. Exercise should be fun, not painful on your body. If you start to notice foot or ankle problems you need to see your Roslyn podiatrist right away so the problem doesn’t get worse. Call Advanced Podiatry of Huntington today.

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