In-office Imaging

We live in an instantaneous world where everything is at our fingertips in the blink of an eye! We can have our coffee in the morning with the touch of a button, look something up on the internet with the tap of a button and have deliveries at our doorstep sooner than we could imagine! Likewise, when we go to a doctor's office we want to have our diagnosis immediately instead of running out the door to go to another facility for imaging. Time is limited nowadays and at Advanced Podiatry we understand that patients have a life to get back to. In order to streamline the process from evaluation, diagnosis to treatment, our offices are fully equipped with on-site xrays, live fluoroscopy and ultrasounds. 
If you feel as if you have a recent injury, come into one of our offices for an evaluation with one of our doctors! We pride ourselves in having imaging modalities here for you so that we can treat you accordingly right away.

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