I Think I Have a Wart?


With winter almost in the rearview mirror and you’re starting to bring out your open toe shoes to celebrate the warmer weather, don’t forget to check your feet. Have you noticed any new bumps or lesions to your feet? You may have a plantar wart.

What is a plantar wart?

Plantar warts, also known as verruca, are small growth located on the bottom of the feet and sometimes on the toes. Often mistaken as calluses, warts appear as small cauliflower-like lesions and may have small black pinpoint dots. Warts can be painful, grow in size, and may sometimes spread to other parts of the feet.

How do warts start?

Plantar warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV), which enters the body through tiny cuts or breaks in the skin. Though most common in kids, plantar warts can affect anyone of all ages. HPV is often contracted while walking barefoot or using shared bathrooms and showers in gyms or dorms. After initial exposure, the wart may lay dormant for weeks to months and finally appear after stress to the immune system.

How do I get rid of the wart?

If a lesion appears on your feet, it is best to see a podiatrist to ensure it is not something more serious. Treatment of the wart will depend on pain, size, duration, and quantity of the lesions. Treatments include debridement, topical medication, cryotherapy, and possible surgical excision depending on the severity of the wart. Thankfully in the majority of cases, conservative treatment is effective in getting rid of the wart.  

If you suspect a wart or have any other issues with the feet, make sure to call to make an appointment today.

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