I'm having foot surgery... now what?


Your foot has been bothering you for quite some time and you have exhausted all non surgical options (physical therapy, orthotics, new shoes, topical pain cream, orthotics) without any relief.

You have decided to have foot surgery... now what do you need to do and need to know???

First - pick a date:

    Important questions to not only ask your doctor but consider ...

    - how much time do I need off of work?
    - limitations as to standing, walking, climbing stairs, shoegear at work?
    - can I drive?
    - can I cook, clean, exercise and what restrictions are there?
    - does my doctor have block time? 
    - am I having surgery at a surgery center vs hospital?

Second - meet with the surgical coordinator:

    Paperwork to be reviewed and completed include a history and physical by your primary care physician stating you are healthy enough for anesthesia. A prescription for bloodwork and an EKG will also be given to clear you for surgery.

     The surgical coordinator will also give you a pamphlet from the surgical facility, directions and information on the ice compression machine prescribed by your podiatrist.

The week of surgery:

     Your PCP as well as your podiatrist will review which medication must be discontinued the week before surgery which may include aspirin, Tylenol, nsaids, and steroids.

      A pre operative appointment will be scheduled in your podiatrist's office to review the surgery in detail, answer all questions and concerns and sign the office's consent paperwork. It is at this appointment that you will also receive a cast boot, prescription for pain medicine, a cast protector and a prescription for an ice compression machine.

The night before surgery:

     Review with your PCP the schedule and dosing of your insulin, diabetic medications and hypertension medication.

    You are to have no food or drink after midnight the night before your surgical case.

    Make sure you have a ride to and from the surgical  facility.

The day of:

     Wear comfortable clothes.

     Get to the surgery center an hour before your case.

     Bring your license and insurance cards.

You will meet a number of nurses, an anesthesia team and your podiatrist to sign consent forms and review your specific treatment plan.

You will be walked into the operative suite and greeted by warm faces and blankets. Together your surgeon, the anesthesiologist and nursing staff work together to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

After surgery:

   You will awake in a postoperative area.  Your foot will be bandaged and elevated with an ice pack placed at your ankle. The dressing is to be kept clean, dry and intact until your next appointment. Pain medication will be waiting for you at your pharmacy. Numbing medicine is given after surgery to aid in pain control and we recommend using the ice machine 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

You will be discharged with written post op instructions and will receive a phone call the night of from one of our friendly staff members.

The week after surgery:

  You will have your first post operative appointment with your podiatrist which will include X-rays and a dressing change.

At Advanced Podiatry patient care and overall experience is our top priority. We have five foot and ankle surgeons available six days a week to treat you and your family's pedal complaints both medically and surgically.

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