New York City Marathon Foot Care

Foot Care Tips for the New York City Marathon

With the New York City Marathon only two days away, there is not much training left for you to do. However, there are a few tips from a certified podiatrist that will help you finish strong on Sunday, November 1st.

What can I do 48 hours before I run the NYC Marathon? 

  • Shoe Laces: There are many ways of lacing up your favorite cross-trainers and running shoes. If you notice your heel is always slipping out of your shoes add an extra crisscross at the top of your shoe, and make sure to thread the laces through all of the holes on your shoe. If you find your shoes are a little tight on your feet, try lacing your shoes so that the laces go across your foot vertically, rather than crisscrossing. We recommend trying these modifications on your last pre-marathon run to make sure that it is comfortable and will not interfere with your stride.

New York City Marathon Foot Care Advanced Podiatry

  • Socks: Runners tend to focus on buying the top of the line sneakers, and then on the day of the race they throw on an old pair of socks. Don’t do it! Socks that do not fit properly or are worn out may cause added wear and tear on your feet and result in calluses or blisters. We recommend buying a few pairs of socks, in different degrees of thickness, so that you can see which kind feels the most comfortable in your running shoes. Socks that are made from synthetic materials, such as acrylic are the best choice for marathon runners because they help to prevent feet from sweating excessively.
  • Take care of corns and calluses: Typically, if you have corns or calluses we would recommend you have them taken care of well before running a marathon. However, if you recently developed one, corn pads may help to alleviate some rubbing on the area, and you can get these pads over the counter. If you are experiencing a lot of discomfort, please give our office a call and we can suggest a few quick fixes. After you run the marathon, if you develop any corns or calluses, it is very important that you see a podiatrist so that they are taken care of properly and do not cause you problems in your next race.
  • Moisturize: With all the training and hard work that goes into preparing to run 26.2 miles, runners’ feet often become dry, which can lead to painful heel cracks and calluses. Make sure to moisturize your feet before going to bed to keep your feet soft and healthy.  

Warm-Up: About 30 minutes before the start of the race is the best time to start your warm up routine. We recommend 15 minutes of easy jogging, followed by dynamic stretching and finally a few quick 20 to 30 second bursts of running to really get your muscles going and your blood flowing.

Dr. Hendizadeh and the staff at Advanced Podiatry in Huntington, NY can answer any questions you have while preparing for the New York Marathon, and they are standing by to help you with any foot or ankle issue you might have before, during or after the marathon. To schedule an appointment today!

We wish all of our patients who are running the NYC Marathon on Sunday the best of luck, and we look forward to hearing all about it! Run safely, run quickly, and have a blast!

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