Night Splints For Plantar Fasciitis

Some people wake up and start thinking about what they are going to make for breakfast. For others, the question is, why do my feet hurt when I wake up?
The top reason for foot pain when you wake up is secondary to a condition known as plantar fasciitis.
This causes heel pain and or arch pain. Overuse injury, repetitive strain, or tension on the plantar fascia causes pain at its origin on the bottom of the heel bone. The reason why this happens in the morning is because the plantar fascia shortens overnight.
During sleep, or sitting for long periods of time, the fascia shortens which causes tightening, especially the first few steps. After walking for a bit, the pain usually improves because the fascia loosens.
Our expert podiatrists at Advanced Podiatry of Manhasset, Huntington, Plainview, and Maspeth recommend a Night Splint as a first line conservative treatment. This device helps to stretch the fascia while you are relaxing, or sleeping. You can order a Night Splint online, but your best bet is to make an appointment with one of our expert podiatrists at Advanced Podiatry to get one fitted correctly. Night Splints are generally covered by most health insurance plans if they are fitted and dispensed by a doctor.

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