Proper Shoes Can Help Prevent Falls

Falls put seniors at risk of serious injury including hip fractures and head injury. Fortunately, most falls result in only minor scrapes and bruises, if that. But they can be frightening, and even if there’s little physical harm, people sometimes develop a strong fear of falling that can change their entire life and behavior. 
Between 5% and 10% of falls among older people do result in a major physical injury such as broken bones, serious cuts, and bad bangs to the head.
Everything from slippery throw rugs, poor lighting, and side effects from multiple medications have been identified as risk factors for falling. Foot problems and foot pain are also risk factors for falls. Many people are not wearing the correct size or style of shoes which can also contribute to falls.  Harvard research is found no difference in the type of shoes worn and falls. They did however find that people who wore shoes indoors were less likely to suffer a serious injury from a fall than those who wore slippers, socks, or went barefoot. Shoes definitely helped with balance and support which will prevent falls.
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