Removable Screws in Foot Surgery

                            Removable Screws in Foot Surgery

Consultation for foot surgery such as bunion correction is something we see quite often in the offices of Advanced Podiatry. In order to maintain the corrected position of the bone, screws are used to fixate the bone cut during surgery. In these surgeries, specially designed removable screws may be used that are taken out about 2 months after the initial surgery.

There are many advantages to using a removable screw. Over time, screws can shift or back out of the bone. Retained screws can also lead to pain and stiffness. Additionally, most patients simply do not like the idea that they have a retained metallic implant in their body. For these reasons, we recommend using removable screws. The use of removable screws combined with minimalist incisions leads to superior results without any trace of surgery – minimal scarring and no retained implants!


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