Now that autumn is approaching, we are more inclined to put away our sandals and take out our boots. But before you go splurging on the latest style of fall shoewear, here are some tips in making your fall
fashion comfortable.

If your feet are wide from having flat feet or bunions, try to opt for a shoe with a wide toe box.  The toe box is the top part of a shoe that covers and protects the toes. The toe box of different shoes come in a variety of shapes and styles depending on the type of shoe. A comfortable shoe will have a wide and long enough toe box to accommodate the toes comfortably. A shoe may fit lengthwise, but if it feels tight around the toes, your feet won't be able to keep their natural movement, which can lead to foot pain. Wearing an ill-fitting shoe with a toe box that does not accommodate for your toes can lead to quite a few problems such as blisters, ingrown toenails, calluses, crooked toes, and trauma to the toenails.  If ignored, the tight shoes can also cause inflamed nerves, pain in the ball of the foot, and even arthritis. One way to
test for the right toe box for you is by taking the insole out of the shoe and standing on it. If your toes hang over the edge, it's probably not the right kind of shoe for your feet.

Boots in general provide stability to the ankle joint. However, if the boot has a very high heel, you may still be at risk to ankle sprains. When shopping for boots make sure you can bend the toe box upwards and also try to avoid shoes that you can bend in half in the region of the midfoot. The midfoot area of the shoe supports the arch, so it much be
stabilizing. Also picking a shoe with a wide chunky heel that is less than 1 or 2 inches and has a soft leather upper cover is best for minimizing risk of foot pain or injury.

If you aren’t a fan of heels and usually opt for flat boots, check and see how much arch support the shoes have. Flat boots usually have minimal or zero arch support. For this style of boot, placing a custom
shoe orthotic that is tailor made for your foot would make the flat shoe more comfortable.

If you have any questions about shoes or custom orthotics, feel free to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist.

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