The Preventive Truth About Your Bunions

One of the leading causes of persistent foot pain today is bunions. Classified as a bone deformity caused by joint enlargement at the side of a toe, bunions are created when a toe gets pushed out of its normal position.

But as relatively ho-hum as these symptoms may sound, did you know that untreated bunions can lead to far more severe toe and foot deformities? With that in mind, perhaps it's a good idea to find out what can be done about your bunions in Huntinton, as well as how to prevent them from forming again in the future from the helpful staff at Associated Podiatrists!

Check out a couple of the things you should know about your bunions below:

What Many Of Us Do That Can Cause Them

When we wear ill-fitting shoes, especially those that are too tight, we're effectively giving bunions two thumbs up to wreak havoc on our toes. Also, foot injuries, having flat feet, and having pronated feet can serve as a secondary contribution to bunion development.

Treatment And Future Prevention Methods

Bone deformations characteristic of bunions don't treat themselves - for big-time relief for your big toes, you must create a foot environment that is consistently incompatible with bunion development that consists of reduced foot pressure. Some of the leading ways to treat bunions and keep them from returning are as follows:

  • Use protective padding from material like felt. This helps rid the constant friction caused by your shoes pressing too closely against the outside of your toes.
  • Have all corns and calluses removed from your feet by an expert podiatrist.
  • Work out your feet and toes to maintain joint flexibility, which helps ward off bone conditions like arthritis.
  • Wear splints while you sleep, which helps your toe joints become more adequately aligned. (Note: this technique is more applicable to adolescents with bunions, since their bones are still developing.

If expert podiatric relief provided from tips like these is something you're looking to achieve for any other foot issues you may have, then give the helpful staff at Associated Podiatrists a call today at (877) 886-3571 for top-quality foot care right here in Roslyn, CT!

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