What You Need to Know About Exercising When it's Cold Out


What You Need to Know About Exercising When It's Cold Out

Unfortunately, temperatures are dropping, and running outside may not be at the top of your to-do list anymore. However for those avid athletes who dare to brave the cold weather temps, there’s an increased risk for injury if you aren’t careful. Here are a few tips for running in colder temperatures from the foot and ankle experts at Advanced Podiatry:

  •  Before heading out for a run, make sure to stretch, loosening up muscles and joints, while also increasing heart rate. Dynamic stretches work best.
  • Keep your warm-up simple and remember that your goal is simply to warm your muscles and elevate your heart rate a little before hitting the pavement or trails. Knocking out one minute of mountain climbers, doing 20 bodyweight squats, or performing 10 sun salutations will do the job nicely.
  • When you step outside to begin your run, pay attention to which direction the wind is blowing. You want to run into the wind on your way out so that you can have the wind at your back on your way home. Otherwise, the sweat you are generating during your run will chill you later.
  • Be sure to wear clothes that do not absorb water (cotton absorbs and holds moisture against your skin). Synthetic and wool materials work better to wick moisture away from your body. Wool works especially well for running in cooler temperatures because it also provides warmth, even when wet.

Just because the weather is a bit colder than usual does not mean that you have to ditch your running routine. Follow these steps so you warm up properly, mind the wind, and dress appropriately, and you can keep logging the miles. And should you suffer any foot or ankle injuries while running… give us a call! 

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