Young Childrens Feet

Nearly all children appear to have flat feet when they first start walking. This is partly due to posture; and is associated with fatty deposits in the foot. When toddlers walk, they have to balance a relatively large head and torso, so they walk with their knees bent, legs wide apart, and the feet turned out words. 

Parents are often anxious about when their child will walk. The average age to begin walking is 10 to 15 months. When your child first begins to walk, shoes are not necessary for indoors; however, when walking outside, or on rough surfaces, the babies feet should be protected in lightweight, flexible footwear made of natural materials. 
On average, children’s feet grow two sizes per year in the first four years of life and one size per year there after until growth is complete around ages 14 - 18. This is not written in stone, however, and sometimes a child’s feet may not grow for a considerable period of time and then grow several sizes in a short period. 
If you are concerned  about the development of your young child’s feet, or their walking, please call one of our Advanced Podiatry offices in Manhasset, Maspeth, Huntington, Plainview, or Coram and one of our award-winning, expert podiatrists will be happy to evaluate your child and discuss their pedal development with you.

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