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At Advanced Podiatry our goal is to keep all of our patients moving pain free. Our patients put lots of miles on their feet either while working, taking their kids to activities, enjoying their favorite past times and for some running actual races. The biggest concerns for those patient athletes are appropriate shoe gear and support from a custom orthotic, stretching and proper recovery, and the treatment of blisters and painful calluses.  
One runner that has caught our attention at Advanced Podiatry is Oz Pearlman. Late Friday night, Pearlman broke the record for most miles run around Central Park - 19 loops or 116 miles to be exact. This long distance runner tackled this feat as part of a fundraiser for Ukraine raising more than $100,000. We love people chasing their dreams. If you have a race, marathon or personal challenge that you are working towards this Spring, step into one of our offices so we can help you put your best foot forward.

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