Are Orthotics For Me?

This is a question asked by many patients each day. Orthotics can solve a multitude of problems depending on each individuals needs.

Many active boys and girls playing sports can develop shin splints or heel pain called Sever’s  Disease. Adults that stand for long periods of time or walk excessively at work can suffer from plantar fasciitis. Seniors can have an imbalance due to joint degeneration at the hips or knees. These are only a few examples on what problems an orthotic can improve.

While over the counter inserts may help some people, orthotics are a prescription device specifically made for each individual foot. They are removable and can fit into different types of shoes. An orthotic is usually prescribed to reduce and eliminate pain, avoid joint damage and slow down the progression of foot deformities such as bunions. After a podiatry evaluation, a computerized scan of the patient’s feet is taken. A written prescription is sent to the lab with the scan for fabrication.

Anyone that has interest in orthotics or questions should see a podiatrist for an evaluation.

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