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Sports Injuries of the Foot (part 1)

Did you know that 25% of foot sports injuries experienced by the athletes is related to the foot and ankle? It is most especially if you are an athlete who Read More

Sports Injuries of the Foot (part 2)

Stress fractures It mostly occurs in athletes who engage in running, basketball, gymnastics, dance and tennis. They are a higher risk due to repetitive stress that is placed on their feet Read More

Don't Get Stuck on the Sidelines

  Don’t Get Stuck on the Sidelines: See a Specialist First Before Getting Stuck in Line at the Emergency Room Well, the NFL season is underway and the injury list is extensive from weeks Read More

How To Avoid Summer Sports Injuries

Prevent foot and ankle injuries from happening to you by following these quick tips. We all hear about the benefits of exercise; however, sometimes too much of a good thing can Read More

Viewing 1 - 4 out of 4 posts

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