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You Should Treat Your Feet Like You Do Your Face

                You should treat your feet like you do your face. You would never think of not washing your face or brushing your teeth Read More

Ingrown Toenails

                       Ingrown toenails occur when a toenail starts to grow into the surrounding skin and cause irritation which can lead to Read More

What is a callus?

A callus is dead, thickened skin that builds up on  the bottom of your feet. They can be yellowish-red in color and they don't feel like the rest of the Read More

March Madness is here!!!!

                                                     March Madness is here!  One Read More


Well, the weather outside isn’t exactly frightful. It’s been downright beautiful actually, and I’ll take it any day. Watching the Olympics and seeing people bundled up from the frigid temperatures brings Read More

Shopping Tips for Back-To-School Shoes

Its that time again...Back-To-School! The 2017 school year is upon us and all the crayons, pens, pencils, and notebooks are waiting to be used. Let’s not forget one of the Read More

Doctor Fish for your feet

                                              Although banned in New York,  the use of Doctor Read More

Sports Injuries of the Foot (part 2)

Stress fractures It mostly occurs in athletes who engage in running, basketball, gymnastics, dance and tennis. They are a higher risk due to repetitive stress that is placed on their feet Read More

Sports Injuries of the Foot (part 1)

Did you know that 25% of foot sports injuries experienced by the athletes is related to the foot and ankle? It is most especially if you are an athlete who Read More

Home Remedies for Plantar Warts (part 2)

Banana peel- here you will also need to use the duct tape as well. You are going to cover the wart-affected area by placing the inner part of a banana Read More

Tips to Speed up Healing of a Fractured Ankle (part 2)

Get a foot bath- you will need to fill the foot bath with warm, swirling water and then soak your foot in it. The warm water will serve to loosen Read More

Tips to Speed up Healing of a Fractured Ankle (part 1)

Aside from the pain, it might seem like a good thing to sit on the couch waiting for your fractured ankle to heal while you change channels searching for your Read More

Are you toes starting to curl?

  Are you toes starting to curl?  Do you have discolored small bumps on your toes?  Do they hurt in shoes?   You may have a phalangeal joint contracture; more commonly known Read More

Viewing 1 - 13 out of 13 posts

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