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  Dr. Hendizadeh   truly saved my husband's life. It was a miracle and we are forever thankful to him, truly amazing, thank you.

 ~ Mrs. O'Brien – September 2011 

I had never been to a podiatrist before and was not certain what to expect.   Dr. Hendizadeh   recommended  orthotics  for my  bunions  , in lieu of common surgery, and after one and a half years of easy orthotics use, I have no pain and great comfort since I met Dr. H.  I wholeheartedly recommend   Dr. Hendizadeh   .
 ~A. Regan - May 2011 

I have had a painful  bunion  for about 5 years.  I went to see   Dr. Hendizadeh   who initially helped me address the pain with solutions other than surgery.  He explained all the options to me and did not push surgery on me.  The office staff put me in touch with a number of other patients who have had a bunionectomy, so that I was talk to them about their experience with the surgery and recovery.  I finally decided to have the surgery and have been very pleased with the whole experience.  The procedure and pain was not nearly as bad as I expected or as other people have described to me and I have had a good recovery.  I highly recommend   Dr Hendizadeh   and Associated Podiatrists to anyone who is suffering with a bunion and contemplating surgery.
 ~M. Novello - April 2011 

 I have suffered from a chronic   toenail fungus   infection on my big toe since I was 7 years old. Over the past 20+ years, I have tried every prescription and over-the-counter medication available and I have had my toenail removed numerous times but nothing worked. More recently, I started to have pain and discomfort whenever I put any weight on my foot so I went to see    Dr Hendizadeh    in   Roslyn, NY   . He removed the nail and treated my toe with the   PinPointe Laser   to kill the fungus. The relief was immediate! I walked out of    Dr Hendizadeh    's office completely pain free. It has been 2 1/2 months since the surgery and laser treatment and the nail is growing back much clearer and I still have no pain. I wish I had known about the laser treatment earlier - I highly recommend it to anyone with nail fungus and I am grateful to    Dr Hendizadeh    for his expertise and cutting edge technology. 
 ~Mike Schwartz - February 2011 

I started with foot problems about a year ago. I saw many doctors with no solutions. They all quickly diagnosed plantar fasciitis. So I did a search online for doctors specializing in plantar fasciitis and found   Dr Hendizadeh  He examined my feet and told me that it was not  plantar fasciitis  . He then ordered and conducted a number of tests to determine the cause of my pain. He is the only doctor who was willing to do extra testing to rule out any ailments. He also prescribed orthotics which seem to be helping.   Dr Hendizadeh   is very thorough and has done more for me than I ever would have expected. He is a wonderful person, a really pleasant man and it is obvious that he truly cares about his patients. He is compassionate and actually listens and takes his time to analyze the problem. I would recommend   Dr Hendizadeh   to anyone with foot problems.
 ~Elizabeth Mekarnom - February 2011 

Prior to coming to   Dr. Yale   , I was unable to walk due to issues with multiple problems regarding my foot.  But after his care, I am 100% better and very happy!
 ~R. Johnson-February 2011 

I recently had surgery on my  Achilles Tendon  and  laser treatment  for  toenail fungus  , both done by   Dr. Hendizadeh   .   Dr. Hendizadeh   is both professional and caring. In fact, his care goes above and beyond expectations. His instructions before and after the surgery were clear, precise and thorough, making my recovery that much easier.   Dr. Hendizadeh   was always accessible before and after the surgery to answer my questions and his follow up calls were prompt and frequent. I have also suffered from toenail fungus for 50 years, after picking up the infection in the military air force. I have tried many treatments over the years, to no avail until recently, when   Dr. Hendizadeh   performed laser treatment.
 Dr. Thumin - January 2011 

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