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Manhasset (516) 869-3300
Huntington (631) 427-3678
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Maspeth (718) 639-0499
Williston Park (516) 741-3338
Mineola (516) 741-3338

Testimonials Page 6

Patient Testimonials - Page 6

Dear Dr. Hendizadeh,

THANK YOU!!! You truly have been my savior and your generosity, kindness, as well as treatment have made my wedding day possible.

You brought a smile to my face when there were only frowns. You gave my fiancé and I a chance to jump into our future as one!

All my love,

I was more impressed and satisfied – Fairfield is the most elegant city in the county. Your Podiatrist did a very complete “manicure” of my toes like I never even once received from the last two Podiatrists at the Bridgeport Health Clinic. Thank you for your excellence and desire to please and service your patients.

With All Sincerity,
William O’Dell

Dear Dr. Hendizadeh and staff,
Thank you for all the care you have shown me the past few weeks. I really appreciate your wonderful office!

Phyllis Freeman

On November 14, 2007 I had an accident involving my big toe and a counter top! Needless to say, my big tow was the loser! My parents drove me to the emergency room, and I wound up being examined and eventually referred to Dr. Pedram Hendizadeh in Fairfield.

I have always liked to look on the bright side of things. Thank goodness only one toe and one foot was injured. Thank goodness I was treated quickly, and thank goodness I was referred to Dr. Hendizadeh. Although kind and caring, he did not sugar coat my foot’s condition. He even called me at home the first evening a surprise, but very welcome. It should be good for you to know that doctor’s that you recommend are truly good people and doing a great job.

Thank you again for being there.

Suzanne Burr Monaco

Dear Pedy,

Thank you so very much for your care and professionalism. You are a great surgeon and a gentleman. Happy Hanukkah to you and your family.

Fereshteh Nir

Dear Dr. Hedizadeh and Staff,

I would like to thank each and everyone for the wonderful care I received when I fractured my foot this past spring. This was a totally new experience for me, as I had never broken a bone in my life. But the doctor and staff alleviated any fears I might have had.

I would highly recommend Dr. Hendizadeh for anyone with feet issues, weather it is a fracture of pain.

Kathy Steelman
Beacon Falls, CT

Wanted to send all of you a quick thank you note. I found myself in your office last week with no appointment and a sore toe. (Still in denial that it was a wart!) Your staff took me in and provided me with the best, most friendly service I think I’ve ever received! I actually would have preferred to hang out with all of you than head to work. My follow up visit a week later was just as great. Dr. Kassaris and all of the girls at the desk are simply fantastic. This is one doctor’s office I look forward to returning to. I’ll refer all of my friend’s to your office and will even tell my PCP about your office in hopes that they will refer additional patients your way. Thank you so much.

Nicole Toolan

P.S. So happy to have a wart free toe (still in denial) just several weeks prior to my wedding!!

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