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Make an Appearance

So many of us suffer with insecurities about our appearance, weight or some other trait that we feel we can't change.  Well, if you are self conscious about your feet, Read More

Pes Planus - Flat Feet

Some people have a small gap underneath their arch while standing- meaning the inner part of their foot will be slightly raised off the ground. On the other hand, some Read More

Rihanna's Feet

We have had a recent influx of patients asking us to give them "Rihanna feet." That's right, they want their feet to look like Rihanna's.  Well, needless to say, we were quite surprised.  Read More


As the end of the year approaches we find ourselves bundling up in hats, gloves and scarves as well as turning on our seat warmers and heat. Turning on our heat results in dry air inside our home which when combined with the lack of humidity outside finds us suffering from dry skin or xerosis. Dry skin is most common in the winter months as well as with older individuals.  Patients living with diabetes are also at an increased risk due decreased sweat gland activity.  Overbathing, central heat, cold, dry winters and dehydration can all contribute to red or white, flaky, cracked, peeling, painful skin. Our skin needs moisture to stay smooth.  Rough, dry skin is usually a minor problem but can be quite uncomfortable. Patients usually present to our office this time of year with cracks in their heels (fissures) and calluses (thickened skin).  Quick and easy ways to improve your skin’s appearance and alleviate these symptoms is taking shorter showers and using a moisturizing, urea based cream daily. Sometimes the thickened, dry skin needs to be shaved down to relieve some of the pressure and discomfort.  This type of procedure should never be attempted at home (bathroom surgery) nor a nail salon. Gel socks, daily cream applications and regularly scheduled podiatric visits can help keep your feet happy this time of year. Read More

Flip Flops

                   In denial that summer is over? Another thing we lose in addition to the heat are our beloved flip flops during the winter Read More

Stress Fractures

Repeated stress like the continuous pounding of running, sports, exercise, or dance  can cause a tiny break in the bone, also known as a stress fracture. The metatarsal bones, which make up Read More

Meghan Markle news: Duchess endures EXCRUCIATING procedure for THIS hereditary condition

The Princess and her bunions Meghan Markle is considered one of the world's most beautiful woman.  Always meticulously dressed in designer clothing with stunning high heels.  However, could it be? Is Read More

Foot Surgery

                       To cut or not to cut, that is the question. Not that it was a question. Maybe it was rhetorical. Unlike Read More

Ingrown Toenails

                       Ingrown toenails occur when a toenail starts to grow into the surrounding skin and cause irritation which can lead to Read More

Heel Pain: Causes, Prevention and Treatments

                                                   Heel pain is one of the Read More

Pediatric Podiatry/Pediatric Foot Care

Whether feet are big or small, it is important to pay attention to them all. The pediatric population has a much higher pain threshold than adults and they will often go Read More

What is a callus?

A callus is dead, thickened skin that builds up on  the bottom of your feet. They can be yellowish-red in color and they don't feel like the rest of the Read More


Now that autumn is approaching, we are more inclined to put away our sandals and take out our boots. But before you go splurging on the latest style of fall Read More

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery

We live in a world of ever changing and improving technology. As soon as one piece of equipment is released, six months later an updated and improved version is released. Read More

Protecting Your Feet in the Summer

With the most recent heat wave most of our patients are spending their free time at the beach barefoot (understandably) however this brings many new pedal complaints into our office.  Read More

Proper Shoes for the World Cup

With the World Cup in full effect, fans of soccer fans are more encouraged to not just watch the sport but also play. But before you run to the nearest Read More

Viewing 193 - 208 out of 311 posts


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