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137th US Open Tennis Tournament

                         We are in the middle of the 137th US Open Tennis Tournament.  Tennis remains one of the most popular leisure Read More

Fall & the First Day of School

                         Today is the unofficial start of fall and the first day of school.  Fall sports will be in full Read More

UMA Health to Donate 10% of September Earnings to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Manhasset, NY, Sept 6th, 2017 - UMA Health, the revolutionary platform which allows patients to skip insurance and shop for doctors and procedures via price, distance, ratings and availability will Read More

Shopping Tips for Back-To-School Shoes

Its that time again...Back-To-School! The 2017 school year is upon us and all the crayons, pens, pencils, and notebooks are waiting to be used. Let’s not forget one of the Read More

Office Etiquette

                             If you peruse the shelves of your local library or Barnes and Nobles there are a number "how Read More

Doctor Fish for your feet

                                              Although banned in New York,  the use of Doctor Read More

I'm having foot surgery... now what?

                    Your foot has been bothering you for quite some time and you have exhausted all non surgical options (physical therapy, orthotics, Read More

Summer Foot Care Tips

Sandal season is upon us.  High temperatures, sandy beaches, salt water and barefoot walking can all take their toll on your feet.  Here are some quick tips to keep them Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14, 2017! Let’s take a few moments to discuss women’s foot care. Many moms tend to do all the caretaking and in the process neglect Read More

Sclerotherapy Injections

Sclerotherapy Injections for Morton's Neuroma:  The latest treatment with a high success rate      When it comes to the health of our feet, women are much more vulnerable to ailments than men. Read More

March Madness

                               With March Madness over, and basketball season kicking into high gear, it is important to mention Read More

Treating Your Ankle Pain

Your ankle consists of a network of bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons which are strong enough to support your and make it possible for you to move. Despite this fact, Read More

Achilles Tendonitis - Healing The Largest Tendon

We all have a tendon in our legs known as the Achilles tendon which attaches the calf muscles the heel bone; it allows you to walk, jump and run as Read More

11 Things Your Podiatrist Really Wishes You Wouldn’t Do

As runners, our most valuable possessions are our feet. And while our tootsies may not win any beauty contests (hello, black toenails and blisters galore), their overall health is crucial, as it impacts our entire skeletal structure, Read More

5 Causes of Black Toenails—and How to ID the Harmless From the Harmful

                                   Many runners are familiar with the black toenail. The condition involves bruising, blistering or bleeding beneath the nail from Read More

9 Things Your Feet Could Be Trying To Tell You

As long as everything appears to be working properly, we may not pay much attention to our feet. They are often covered with socks or shoes and, as the saying Read More

Viewing 225 - 240 out of 311 posts


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