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Pediatric Soccer Injuries of the Foot and Ankle

With fall sports in full swing, one of the more common consults we have been seeing in our offices is soccer related injuries in pediatric patients. If overlooked, these injuries Read More

KeryFlex: A Professional Nail Restoration System

While I was in medical school I learned of an immediate cosmetic enhancement for fungal or damaged toenails called Keryflex.   Keryflex has been named one of the “Top Ten Innovations” Read More

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, over 30 million people in the United States have diabetes and approximately 7 million have the disease but have not been diagnosed yet. Read More

Soft Tissue Mass Excisions

                               Soft tissue masses of the feet and ankles are very common. Though most masses tend to Read More

Addressing the Concerns of Bunion Surgery

                      Bunion correction is one of the most common surgical consultations we see in our office. Surgical correction of a bunion Read More

Freibergs Infraction

                                  Freiberg’s disease, or avascular necrosis of the metatarsal head is a rare, painful bone disorder. Read More

Night Splints For Plantar Fasciitis

Some people wake up and start thinking about what they are going to make for breakfast. For others, the question is, why do my feet hurt when I wake up?   The Read More

Shin Splints

One of the most common sports overuse injuries is shin splints, especially among beginner athletes and weekend athletes.  The term shin splint is commonly used to describe pain in the lower Read More

Los Angeles Lakers 2019-2020 NBA Champions

Last night the Los Angeles Lakers became the 2019-2020 NBA Champions. Lead by Lebron James and Anthony Davis the team made history in multiple ways. They added another title to Read More

Joint Replacements

                                     The first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) is compromised of two bones that make up our Read More

Gout Cases Dramatically Increased During the Pandemic

Gout is a disease that can be dated back to ancient times, even documented in Egyptian texts stretching back to 2500 BCE. It is characterized by pain and inflammation when Read More

Cold Feet By Arden Smith

If your feet are always cold, there is an explanation. It’s not uncommon to have cold feet some of the time, but if it’s constant, there may be an underlying Read More

Proper Athletic Footwear For Children

                    The most important factor when buying athletic footwear for children is comfort and injury prevention.  When children participate in a sport, they Read More

Heal your Heels

                                     Dry skin around the heels may seem like a common and minor problem until Read More

Weekend Sports Injuries

This weekend we saw a lot of significant injuries in the NFL.  One of the main factors that experts are attributing this too is the choice of shoe gear in Read More

Foot Dysfunction Can Lead to Knee, Hip, and Back Problems

You have probably read plenty of studies on the importance of sitting correctly. However, we don’t hear nearly as much about the importance of walking correctly, even though the consequences Read More

Viewing 97 - 112 out of 311 posts


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