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Tips to Speed up Healing of a Fractured Ankle (part 1)

Aside from the pain, it might seem like a good thing to sit on the couch waiting for your fractured ankle to heal while you change channels searching for your Read More

Tips to Speed up Healing of a Fractured Ankle (part 2)

Get a foot bath- you will need to fill the foot bath with warm, swirling water and then soak your foot in it. The warm water will serve to loosen Read More

3 Common Pediatric Foot Problems

                As your kids grow, they may encounter various pains and strains. The child might come to you limping or walking on their toes Read More

Sever’s Disease - Not So Severe

    Though it might sound severe, Sever's Disease is in fact not a serious illness, but rather an extremely common heel injury. Also known by its scientific name, Calcaneal apophysitis, which Read More

Sprains & Strains - Vital Components of ankle injury

Among all types of injuries related to our feet, ankle injuries are the most common and bothersome. However, contrary to popular opinion, foot injuries or more specifically ankle injuries don’t Read More

Top 5 Natural Ways to Get Relief from Heel Pain

  Not only is it a condition which affects old people but also the young as well. For those of us who have had the displeasure of experiencing heel pain, we Read More

Ingrown Toenails: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

  Your toe is red and swollen and it appears the nail of your toe is growing underneath your skin. It might even be painful for you to walk or put Read More

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

  Do you have fungal nails? Are you constantly self conscious about your toenail appearance and hide your feet? Don’t worry, you are not alone - over 36 million individuals in Read More

Are you toes starting to curl?

  Are you toes starting to curl?  Do you have discolored small bumps on your toes?  Do they hurt in shoes?   You may have a phalangeal joint contracture; more commonly known Read More

Spring Countdown

We have about 50 days left until spring!  February break is rapidly approaching.  After being in boots and shoes all winter, then suddenly transitioning to flip flops and sandals for Read More


  We are two weeks from a face off of two stellar quarterbacks in Supberbowl LI. This is always an exciting time of year for sports fans everywhere.  Tom Brady has Read More

We are the right podiatrists for you

Picking the right podiatrist, or any doctor for that matter, can be a very arduous and time consuming process. Internet reviews are a good way to start, but as I'm Read More

Emerging Footcare Designer

Designer Spotlight: Sophia Webster Sophia Webster is a British accessories designer, known for her unique feminine designs who founded her own label in 2012. Webster studied art and sculpture at Camberwell Read More

How to Keep Feet Warm This Holiday Season

We have enjoyed a mild winter so far, but the cold is coming, and soon!  Keeping your feet warm and comfortable is super important.  Always wear a wide accommodative snow Read More

Heel Pain Affects Us All

  Heel pain is a very common finding in both children and adults. While there are many external factors that can be linked to the cause of the pain,(flat feet and Read More

Winter Foot Care

  With winter rapidly approaching, it becomes a very busy time for podiatrists. Ski and snowboarding injuries are very common, both in seasoned athletes and weekend warriors. Lower extremity injuries usually Read More

Viewing 257 - 272 out of 311 posts


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