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Painful Toe During the Holidays

                                        Holidays and birthdays are times of great celebration, and as is customary, times Read More

Smelly Feet

When the long northeastern winter is over and the humidity kicks in, it takes our bodies some time to transition from heat saving to heat releasing. This means the production Read More

Dry Skin and Calluses

Do you have dry feet? How about dry heels?  Dry skin; also referred to as xerosis, occurs from loss of water from the topmost layer of your skin. Dry skin occurs Read More

Orthopedist vs. Podiatrist

                    An orthopedist is a doctor who treats the musculoskeletal system.  They treat any part of the human body, and can Read More

Spring Sports

The winter is finally over (mostly…although I may have just jinxed us. Apologies loyal readers). Spring sports are in full swing (no pun intended baseball players) and unfortunately, with them Read More

Painful Bunion

About 75% of the patents that present to our office with the chief complaint of a painful bunion will undergo surgical intervention. Bunion surgery is an elective procedure, meaning that Read More

Intoed Gait

Intoed gait, also referred to as “pigeon toed” occurs when the feet turn inwards (towards each other) when walking. Intoed gait is a very common observation in young children which Read More

"Keryflex named one of the top ten innovations in podiatry by Podiatry Today"

As the warm weather begins to return to our area vacations, weddings, sweet sixteen parties, baby showers and beach getaways become a normal part of our weekly routines.  I have Read More

Minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery or MIS techniques have made great advances lately.  These allow for decreased healing time and less scaring while still achieving great results.  The most important factor when Read More

March Madness is here!!!!

                                                     March Madness is here!  One Read More


Well, the weather outside isn’t exactly frightful. It’s been downright beautiful actually, and I’ll take it any day. Watching the Olympics and seeing people bundled up from the frigid temperatures brings Read More

2018 Winter Olympics

                         Have you been following the 23rd Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea? Are you impressed and enthralled by Read More

Custom Orthotics

                      I should let you know Mr or Mrs reader, in the business of feet, there is no such thing as Read More

Lisfranc Fracture

                                      A Lisfranc fracture is a common injury of the foot, usually suffered Read More

Teachers Need Foot Care, Too!

It’s that time of year again- back to school and fall! Leaves are changing color, sales are going on in stores, and trends are changing! School is back in session Read More

Tips for a Better Fitting Shoe

How many times have you purchased a pair of shoes only to find that they do not fit right, are giving you blisters or calluses, and causing you pain? Don’t Read More

Viewing 209 - 224 out of 311 posts


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