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Posts for: September, 2017

By Dr. Quynh P. Lee
September 14, 2017
Category: Toes
Tags: Curled   Crooked Toes  


Do your toes curl under? Do they look crooked in your shoes?

Hammertoes, claw toes or mallet toes are toes that appear bent towards the floor. They look like they are curled underneath your feet and can look weird or unsightly. These toe problems usually occur in your lesser digits (toes 2 through 4) and can cause you pain, discomfort and you may even notice thickening of skin (a corn or a callus) forming on the top of your toes. It is not uncommon to have redness and swelling as well.

What causes hammertoes?

Hammertoes are usually caused by a muscle imbalance and over time this imbalance changes the structure of the foot which causes the toe(s) to bend. This condition can even be genetic! Additionally, hammertoes can be caused by wearing too-tight shoes that cause toes to curl under.

Luckily, there are treatment options available to you to help take care of your hammertoes:

- Change your shoe gear! You can prevent worsening of hammertoes by avoiding tight or constricting shoes.

- If there is a corn or callus on the top of your toes, you can prevent irritation by protecting it from pressure and friction caused by shoes. You can use pads or shields to do so. We have them in the office, ask us about them!

- Your muscle and tendon imbalance can be helped with the use of custom orthotics. Custom orthotics can help to reduce the amount of pressure applied to the parts of your feet to reduce the contracture and symptoms of painful hammertoes. Talk to us about custom orthotics and whether or not they can improve your condition.

- Have you tried all of the above and are still experiencing pain and discomfort? You may be a surgical candidate. However, a thorough consultation is needed in order to determine if you are a candidate.

Please schedule an appointment today to discuss what can be done about your toes! We have an office located in Manhasset and Huntington serving the Long Island community! We look forward to meeting you! 


Manhasset, NY, Sept 6th, 2017 - UMA Health, the revolutionary platform which allows patients to skip insurance and shop for doctors and procedures via price, distance, ratings and availability will donate 10% of all revenue earned in September to Hurricane Harvey victims.

UMA brings hundreds of doctors within reach of the uninsured. A free-market for health care visits and procedures is considered the best way to bring down the cost of healthcare according to doctors and and politicians alike.

According to Dr. Pedram Hendizadeh, Founder and CEO of UMA Health, “Our core mission as a company is to help people, whether they are uninsured and need an affordable doctor or need relief from Hurricane Harvey.” He continued, “Aiding Harvey victims fits in with our vision of helping the most needy among us.”

According to Rich Tehrani, COO, “Patients using UMA Health can have the satisfaction of knowing a portion of their payment is going to a good cause while they also get 5% back to spend on further medical visits.” He continued, “Our hearts go out to the people who have had their homes and careers ruined by this disaster. We want them to to know our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

About UMA Health

UMA connects cash-paying patients to therapists, psychologists and doctors and is currently providing doctors in the NYC area and growing quickly.Our platform connects patients with doctors but skips insurance. It allows patients to find doctors based on cost, distance, ratings and availability. Book an appointment online at umahealth.com.

Media Contact
Karen Wildermuth
[email protected]

By Dr. Evan Vieira
September 07, 2017
Category: Back to School
Tags: Foot Care   school   Fall  


Today is the unofficial start of fall and the first day of school.  Fall sports will be in full swing before you know it.  These are a few tips to stay healthy and safe as kids fall back into their school/sport routines!

  • Have a pre-season physical examination and have your orthotics checked for size and condition. 
  • Always take the time to warm-up and cool down properly.
  • Stay hydrated to limit cramps. 
  • Be aware of playing surfaces and change shoes accordingly. 
  • Never "play through the pain".  If your body is telling you something is wrong, see a doctor. 
  • Make sure your footwear are properly fitted and in good condition.  You can always bring them in to be checked. 
  • Be aware weather conditions such as wet, slippery fields that can lead to injuries.
  •  Listen to your body and decrease training time and intensity as needed, if pain or discomfort develops. This will reduce the risk of injury and help avoid burning yourself out. 
  • Visit us at Advanced Podiatry for your fall sports check up!

By Dr. Evan Vieira
September 07, 2017
Category: Foot Tips
Tags: Foot Care   Tennis  
We are in the middle of the 137th US Open Tennis Tournament.  Tennis remains one of the most popular leisure sports in the United States.  Children and adults of all ages participate in school programs, leagues, take lessons and compete at high levels. 
Tennis is a great game, but can take a hefty toll on your feet.  The pounding and agility required can cause tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and many toe nail issues.  One of the most common and painful problems is called "subungual hematoma".  This is a fancy word for blood collecting under the nail.  The rubbing and pressure created in shoe gear can cause the nail bed to bleed and become loose.  This is both painful and unsightly.  
Subungual hematoma required immediate treatment and if left can become infected or cause other issues.  Prevention is always the best medicine and a good orthotic and properly fitted shoe gear can limit the forces that cause this.  
Come in to Advanced Podiatry today for your evaluation. 

By Dr. Quynh P. Lee
September 02, 2017
Category: Back to School
Tags: shoes   Foot Care   school  


Its that time again...Back-To-School! The 2017 school year is upon us and all the crayons, pens, pencils, and notebooks are waiting to be used. Let’s not forget one of the most important items to buy along with supplies-- SHOES!

Here are some tips to help you with shoe shopping:

  • Do not assume that your child’s foot size is the same! Their feet are still growing so make sure you get them fitted before purchasing any pair of shoes.
  • Does your child attend a parochial or specialized school? Make sure you check with their school to ensure that you are meeting the school’s shoe gear requirement(s). This will ensure that your shopping trip does not go to waste plus it saves you time.
  • Since children’s feet are often sweaty, see if you can find shoe gear that incorporate anti-microbial materials or linings that wick away moisture. We offer custom orthotics with such materials! Feel free to ask us about them.
  •  Living in New York, our winters can be harsh and filled with snow. Consider purchasing a pair of waterproof boots; this may perform double duty during the Spring when rain showers are prevalent.
  • Do not buy larger shoes thinking your child will “grow into them”. This can be very uncomfortable and may lead to problems!
  • To go with the new shoes, don’t forget good socks! A good pair of socks can ensure all day protection and comfort.
  • Most importantly; if your child has custom orthotics, check for any signs of wear and tear OR signs that they may be outgrowing them. We are more than happy to examine them for you! 

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