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Posts for: March, 2018

By Dr Quynh Lee
March 30, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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Intoed gait, also referred to as “pigeon toed” occurs when the feet turn inwards (towards each other) when walking. Intoed gait is a very common observation in young children which may be a cause of concern or distress in many parents. Children who have intoed gait may be prone to tripping when walking or running and may even appear awkward when performing those activities. There are many causes of intoeing - the three most common causes can be broken down into three lower extremity segments. It can either be caused by the thigh bone (femur), the lower leg (tibia), or the foot.
Femoral Torsion: The thigh bone is twisted inward.

Tibial Torsion: Twisting of the shin bone which may be caused by positioning in the womb.

Metatarsus Adductus: The feet are curved inward.

With many of these conditions, no treatment or monitoring with close follow up can be all that is necessary. For severe conditions, early intervention is best. Without intervention, the deformity may get worse over time with children frequently tripping or falling, shoe gear and fit issues, or even surgical intervention needed for rigid deformities.

Please call and make an appointment if you feel your child is experiencing intoed gait or pain in the feet. Let us perform an in-depth examination which would include a gait exam and analysis. We will be able to properly diagnose your child’s feet and provide proper treatment plans when needed in order to protect your child from further complications.

As the warm weather begins to return to our area vacations, weddings, sweet sixteen parties, baby showers and beach getaways become a normal part of our weekly routines.  I have many patients who present with concern regarding not only the feel but look of their toenails due to either trauma, fungus, bacteria or arthritic conditions like psoriasis.  Patients not only want to have relief of pain in shoe gear but are also looking for a way to improve their toes appearance while in sandals or barefoot for the next six months.  Keryflex is one of my favorite procedures to perform in the office because the end result is a natural looking and feeling nail and my patients leave with not only relief but a new sense of confidence.  Unlike acrylic nails, Keryflex is not water soluble, therefore there is no risk of developing an infection underneath the nail.  The keryflex nail is created from resin on top of your currently existing nail and cured with a UV light.  The nail can then be painted, filed and you can instantly leave our office with no drying or aftercare.  The nail will grow out and can easily be maintained on a monthly basis in the office. Antifungal topical can also be used with an intact Keryflex nail.  Some patients suffer a trauma and are in need of a replacement for sometimes up to a year until their natural nail grows in - Keryflex is an excellent solution.  Keryflex is offered at our Huntington and Manhasset office locations.  


By Dr Evan Vieira
March 28, 2018
Category: foot surgery
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Minimally invasive surgery or MIS techniques have made great advances lately.  These allow for decreased healing time and less scaring while still achieving great results.  The most important factor when deciding on having and MIS procedure is to make sure that you are the right candidate for this type of intervention. This is a decision your doctor will make and explain to you.  For example,  some bunions are to sever or advanced to be successfully corrected with MIS.  However, if caught early on they might be.  

Bunions, hammertoes, tailors bunions, neuromas and spurs can all be corrected with limited or no down time and almost no scar!  Make sure you have a provider who is well trained, experienced and knowledge on all types of procedures.  Never be afraid to ask questions and read reviews before making your final decision.  

MIS is changing the landscape in foot surgery and here at Advanced Podiatry we are on the cutting edge of it!  Feel free to reach out and set up your consultation today.

By Dr Evan Vieira
March 19, 2018
Category: Foot Tips
Tags: Basketball   Foot Care   foot injury  


March Madness is here!  One of the most exciting times of year in sports.  Basketball is an exciting, high energy, fast paced sport.  Constant lead changes and fiercely competitive college athletes make the NCAA tournament amazing.  

Basketball is very often synonymous with lower extremity and foot injuries.  The nature of the sport puts a lot of stress on the feet and ankles.  Sprains and fractures are unfortunately a common injury for these types of athletes.  A sprain, or tearing of a ligament is often treated with a. period of immobilization, but can require surgery.  The same goes for fractures of the feet.  
We here at advanced podiatry are experts in all types of lower extremity injuries.  So. if you find yourself sidelined we can get you back on the court. Go Orange!

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