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Health Benefits of Walking

The foot is an incredible structure with 26 bones, 32 joints, 103 ligaments, and numerous muscles and tendons, each component relies on the others to work properly. One of the best Read More

Different Shoes for Walking and Running

Are running shoes good for walking?   Both running and walking are forward motions. For both activities you need cushion and shock absorption in your shoes. With similar movements, improper footwear in Read More

Stress Fractures - By Dr Arden Smith

Older adults are particularly vulnerable to stress fractures, or tiny cracks in the bone, because the trabeculae, the spongy tissue that connects your bodies bones, thin with age. The most common Read More

Put Advanced Podiatry on Your Diabetic Team

Two complications of diabetes are nerve damage and restricted bloodflow to the legs and feet. Both increase the risk of various foot complications.    Nerve damage decreases the feeling in your feet, Read More

The Importance Of Foot Health Increases As You Age

Over our lifetime, your feet will carry you more than 216 million steps, or more than 100,000 miles. That’s a lot of time spent on your feet and, as you Read More

Mister Blister, where’d you come from?

Ever had a day when you come home from a long day’s work where you’re standing for long periods of time in uncomfortable shoes and notice what appears to be Read More

Advanced Podiatry

At Advanced Podiatry our goal is to keep all of our patients moving pain free. Our patients put lots of miles on their feet either while working, taking their kids to activities, Read More

Diabetic Foot Complications By Arden Smith

Serious foot complications can be part of diabetes. For instance, nerve damage – or neuropathy – is a loss of sensation that can occur due to uncontrolled diabetes. Neuropathy can then result in calluses, Read More

Toe Walking

Have you ever noticed your child walking around on his/her tiptoes and wondered if it’s a real medical condition needing medical treatment or if it’s “just a phase”? Or have Read More

Are Orthotics For Me?

This is a question asked by many patients each day. Orthotics can solve a multitude of problems depending on each individuals needs. Many active boys and girls playing sports can develop Read More

I Think I Have a Wart?

                                      With winter almost in the rearview mirror and you’re starting to bring Read More

Spring Planting

Spring planting is just around the corner. With all that bending, squatting, and digging can come forefoot aches and pains. In particular, a stubborn nerve irritation. Neuromas, or inflammation of Read More

Now is the time to clean up your nails for the summer

                                             Warmer weather is on its way and that means Read More

Playing Through Ankle Sprains Can Cause Further Damage

When starting a new fitness routine protecting your feet and ankles is critical. "No pain, no gain" may be a motto for most workouts, but "too much, too soon" can lead Read More

Winter Means Dry and Cracked Skin

Dry and cracked skin are two conditions most people experience on their feet when it starts to get colder.    The former, worsens as you grow older; your natural oil production decreases; Read More

Super Bowl : What a game!

Another exciting one is in the books. During the game there were quite a few injuries. Beckham's knee, Stafford's ankle, all bending and twisting in ways they shouldn't.     Lower extremity sports injuries Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 311 posts


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