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Posts for: December, 2021

By Dr Arden Smith
December 28, 2021
Category: foot surgery
Tags: Foot Surgery  
Advanced Podiatry of Manhasset, Maspeth, Huntington, Plainview, and Coram has been successfully treating patients with cutting edge, state of the art, minimally invasive surgical procedures and continuing to learn while doing so. Recent technological advances are not only changing how the surgeons at Advanced Podiatry perform surgery, but are changing the lives of our patients as well.
The benefits of minimally invasive procedures have helped many of our patients get out of pain and return to their active lifestyle‘s with quicker weight-bearing function and less complications. This has offered the doctors of Advanced Podiatry the opportunity to provide the absolute best care for our patients.

Seniors are prone to foot injuries, and weight gain is often a contributing factor. 
The injuries are largely due to wear and tear over years of walking, running, and constant pressure on the feet. Every step exerts fourth times your body weight of pressure on your ankle. The more extra weight you carry, the harder it is on your feet and ankles. Shoes are also an issue. People who stay active as they age are less prone to foot and ankle problems. 
The award-winning expert podiatrists at Advanced Podiatry of Manhasset, Maspeth, Huntington, Plainview, and Coram advice people to seek treatment when they first experience pain, or start to develop an issue. Often there are simple treatments that can help relieve the pain, make you feel better, and prevent more serious injuries. 
Unfortunately, lots of people try to work it out on their own when first developing a problem, which leads to further injuries that are hard to treat later. 

By By Arden Smith
December 27, 2021
Category: Neuromas
Tags: Morton's Neuroma  
One of the most common foot conditions, Morton’s neuroma, affects about a third of US adults. It’s an inflammation of a bundle of nerves between the toes, most commonly between the third and fourth toe.
With continued inflammation and entrapment, the nerve tissue can become thickened and enlarged, which can lead to a painful, burning sensation with weight-bearing that is typically felt more on the bottom or ball of the foot.
There can also be associated numbness or tingling radiating to the toes.  Unlike some other foot conditions, Morton’s neuroma is not hereditary nor is it related to a specific injury. It’s often the result of wearing narrow or ill fitting shoes. 
Many times people with neuroma pain will feel relief and decreased pain simply by removing their shoes.
If you are suffering from these or similar symptoms, the award-winning expert podiatrists at Advanced Podiatry of Manhasset, Maspeth, Huntington, Plainview, and Coram will evaluate your problem and help you find the most appropriate treatment for your condition and lifestyle.

By Dr Alison Croughan
December 17, 2021
Category: Heel Pain
Tags: High Heels  

Many patients present to the office with bunions and hammertoes and question if they are due to their shoes.

Yes, shoe gear especially high heels can play a part in foot pain.  How you may ask? High heels move your weight load further onto the ball of your foot increasing the pressure and work of tiny muscles and ligaments around your toes and metatarsal joints.  The increase in motion and pressure of the forefoot can lead to nerve irritation or a neuroma which is a bulbous nerve causing numbness, tingling and burning into the adjacent toes.  The heel height as well as pitch of the shoe also changes your posture, lower back, pelvis and hip position.  It can shorten your calf muscles and achilles tendons which can lead to heel pain and increased motion in your mid foot. The lack of control and support of the shoe itself can lead to ankle injuries and even irritation of your heel bone.  Some patients present with a “pump bump” which can be very painful.  My philosophy is everything in moderation; full days and many miles should never be performed in a very high heel.  An orthotic can be made for a dress shoe to help hold your foot in the most optimal position and give you the arch support you need.  I always recommend patients bring their shoes in for an evaluation as they play an integral role in treating one’s pedal complaints.

Chances are you had an injury, went to the emergency room with swelling, bruising and pain. X- rays were performed and with little other insight they discharged you in some type of splint and crutches and instructed to follow up with a Podiatrist/Orthopedist

Many questions are racing through your head. What happens now? Do I need surgery? How long is this injury going to put me back?

In general it is important to know that fractures come in all shapes and sizes and management of fractures are highly dependent on what bone is involved. If you have a foot fracture, I do recommend you see a Podiatrist as we are fundamentally trained on the anatomy of the foot and ankle. Our Doctors at Advanced Podiatry are surgically trained and deal with these injuries on a day-to-day basis if an operation is deemed necessary,  but our goal is to avoid unnecessary surgery.

Although you had x rays in the ER or Urgent care, I have seen many injuries that were missed, misclassified and vice versa,  overplayed on occasion. We perform our own imaging or review your existing imaging to best classify the type and severity of your injury.

Management of a particular fracture may be unique based on you , your goals and the type of activities you do. Many athletes wish the quickest return to recovery with decreased risk of reinjury, due to their high level of activity. These patients may actually do better with surgery and get back to their level of sport quicker and more confidently. Certain fractures almost always need surgery such as 5th metatarsal Jones fractures which is notoriously slow to heal and always has better patient reported outcomes in the literature if surgically corrected.

It is important to know that a timely consultation is of utmost importance. If surgery is required our goal is often to perform the procedure within 2 weeks of the injury as this is important for a smooth outcome and can diminish some complications. But also, if we manage you conservatively with a boot or cast, making that decision early and implementing it, can potentially shave weeks off your recovery.

My colleagues and I are passionate about foot and ankle traumatic injuries and strive to get you back to a 100% recovery. Surgery is not necessarily a bad thing, it can often be done minimally invasively and can reduce the risks of abnormal healing or for the more athletic population return you sooner to your high level of sport.

After your ER/ Urgent care visit seek a specialist’s help as soon as possible. I advise a surgically trained Podiatrist as this our niche and our passion. Choosing a plan of action within the first couple days can make all the difference. We often offer same day appointments for these type of injuries for that exact reason. I hope this helps provide you some clarity. In summation, do not delay your treatment, Advanced Podiatry will get you into the office in a timely manner and choose a individually tailored plan of action to get you healed and back in action!

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