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Posts for: February, 2022

When starting a new fitness routine protecting your feet and ankles is critical. "No pain, no gain" may be a motto for most workouts, but "too much, too soon" can lead to foot and ankle injuries, which can sabotage fitness goals.
Playing through an ankle sprain can cause further damage to tendons and ligaments, which may take much longer to heal, or possibly require surgery. What’s more, you may be overlooking a more serious injury. It’s prudent to seek treatment for potentially sprained ankles right away. Untreated, or repeated ankle sprains may lead to chronic ankle instability, a condition that causes persistent pain and giving way of the ankle.
If you suffer from an ankle sprain, our award-winning expert podiatrists at Advanced Podiatry of Manhasset, Huntington, Maspeth, Plainview, Coram, Williston Park, and Mineola will be happy to evaluate your problem and speed you onto the road to recovery.
Our 7 convenient private, comfortable, and welcoming offices cover 3 counties and there is always a doctor on call.

By Dr Evan Vieira
February 14, 2022
Category: Foot Care
Another exciting one is in the books. During the game there were quite a few injuries. Beckham's knee, Stafford's ankle, all bending and twisting in ways they shouldn't.  
Lower extremity sports injuries can really put a damper on your game day, but we are here to help!  
If you are a weekend warrior or you have an evening pick up game, we will treat you just like the pros.  In office x-rays and ultrasound imaging allow us to diagnose and treat immediately.  NO WAITING! 
Our offices are all equipped with the latest technology which allows us to get you back to your game as fast as possible. Same day appointments, emergency visits and telehealth are all available.  
Don't wait, don't suffer.  Call us now to book your visit! 

By Dr Arden Smith
February 14, 2022
Category: Foot Care
Dry and cracked skin are two conditions most people experience on their feet when it starts to get colder. 
The former, worsens as you grow older; your natural oil production decreases; and skin becomes thinner, making you more prone to dryness when the temperatures drop.
The latter, also known as fissures, is the result of severely dry skin; feet get thicker and become calloused before they bleed and crack, which could lead to infection.
Increased pressure - you experience this while walking in shoes – can also cause cracks on the bottom of your feet.
If you suffer from this problem the award-winning, expert podiatrists at Advanced Podiatry of Manhasset, Huntington, Maspeth, Plainview, Coram, Mineola, and Williston Park will be happy to evaluate your problem and help you find the treatment that is the best fit for you. The line of Kamea moisturizing and exfoliating products that we carry in our Advanced Podiatry offices are excellent for this problem.

By Dr Arden Smith
February 06, 2022
Category: Foot Care
Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction [PTTD], also known as Progressive Collapsing Foot Deformity, or Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity, occurs with aging and wear and tear, resulting in a painful flat foot. It occurs when chronic stress is placed on the posterior tibial tendon and other soft tissue structures of the arch, resulting in inflammation and sometimes tearing of the tendon. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction can occur with underlying deformity, or arthritis.
Treatment of Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction depends on the severity. Rest, ice, compression, elevation, and anti-inflammatory medication can be used to initially treat the pain and inflammation. Custom foot orthotics,  walking boots, or ankle braces [AFO's] may all be used to help support the foot and treat symptoms. Physical therapy and steroid injections can also be indicated in certain circumstances. Surgical intervention is typically recommended when pain is interfering with the patients hobbies, work, and activities of daily living. 
If you think that you might be suffering from this painful problem, the award-winning, expert podiatrists of Advanced Podiatry of Manhasset, Huntington, Coram, Plainview, Mineola, Williston Park & Maspeth will be happy to evaluate your problem and advise you in your best treatment options.

By Dr Arden Smith
February 05, 2022
Category: Foot Care
Falls put seniors at risk of serious injury including hip fractures and head injury. Fortunately, most falls result in only minor scrapes and bruises, if that. But they can be frightening, and even if there’s little physical harm, people sometimes develop a strong fear of falling that can change their entire life and behavior. 
Between 5% and 10% of falls among older people do result in a major physical injury such as broken bones, serious cuts, and bad bangs to the head.
Everything from slippery throw rugs, poor lighting, and side effects from multiple medications have been identified as risk factors for falling. Foot problems and foot pain are also risk factors for falls. Many people are not wearing the correct size or style of shoes which can also contribute to falls.  Harvard research is found no difference in the type of shoes worn and falls. They did however find that people who wore shoes indoors were less likely to suffer a serious injury from a fall than those who wore slippers, socks, or went barefoot. Shoes definitely helped with balance and support which will prevent falls.
Please call one of our Advanced Podiatry offices and one of our expert, award winning doctors will be happy to evaluate you for "Fall Risk" and discuss "Fall Prevention" with you. 

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